We have new methods to to share a password Wifi on Android 12, making this much easier. But how can we use this new function? Actually, we have three ways to give the password of the Wi-Fi network to someone else, without giving the password. How? We will explain it in more detail below.

Share Wi-Fi on Android 12 without giving the password

Let’s give a practical example, we have all been in that situation where they come to visit us at home and one of the first things they do is “Can you pass me the Wi-Fi password?” In this case, Android 12 offers us three ways to share Wi-Fi in a much easier way than having to give or spell the password. All we need is to use our mobile.

The first option is through the QR code, the other person has to read the QR code with the Android camera, it will be connected to Wi-Fi. We must bear in mind that, during this process, the password will be displayed in clear text, so if we do not want to share it in such a specific way, it is useless. Likewise, said person will be able to scan or manually enter the password, it is a function that exists since Android 10 and that little by little has been improving a lot.

After this we can use the Share by Nearby resource, it is one of the newest functions that allows us to share Wi-Fi credentials with anyone nearby, without even being close to them so that they can scan a QR code. In Android 12, this feature is linked to the Wi-Fi password screen, making it easier and more convenient to share.

How to share wireless connection on Android 12

We will have to slide down from the top of the screen, then we will press and hold the “Internet” or “Wi-Fi” button. Next, we will press on the gear icon found in the Wi-Fi section to enter the settings. Something we must keep in mind is that, to share details of a wireless connection, we must first connect to it.

Once we are in configuration, we click on “Share”. It may ask us to scan the fingerprint, face or unlock pattern. Once we do, we will be able to see the QR code and the password without encryption.

As an alternative, we can use the Share button for Nearby, to use the protocol to give access to someone on the network. Near Share only works between Android devices. The QR code can be shared with iOS users.

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