• At some point you may want or need to make a presentation with images
  • Doing it without resources or without being a specialist can be a somewhat difficult task.
  • What are the solutions that Microsoft gives us through Windows 10/11?

For different reasons, you may at some point want or need to make a presentation with images. That probably won’t be a problem if you have the necessary knowledge and equipment, but what if you don’t? If you don’t have more resources available on your PC or you are not an expert, you can still create photo slideshows without installing new applications. Find out how to do it!

The best of all is that by creating slideshows you can show from the photos of your vacations, to making a sample of what should be the path and future objectives of your venture or company.

These files are absolutely versatile and you will be able to use them in the way you see fit. You just have to know the different ways to produce them and, regardless of your reasons for doing it, you will enjoy first class presentations in a few minutes and without having to become a professional specialist.

Ways to create quick and easy photo slideshows

Set up a desktop slideshow

Windows 11 includes a feature that allows you to set up a slideshow on the desktop. When enabled, the desktop displays images in a selected folder for a specified time.

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This is a relatively basic slideshow feature, but you can display all your favorite photos on your PC screen so you shouldn’t discount it entirely if you’re a little short on time.

  1. Click anywhere on the desktop with the right mouse button to select Personalize
  2. Select Background in Settings and double click on Customize to expand the settings
  3. Select the Slideshow option from the Customize your background dropdown menu
  4. Click Browse to select the folder that contains the images for the presentation
  5. Click on Choose this folder and select the display time interval for the images

Configuring the slideshow screen saver

If you’re interested in seeing your images without the desktop icon overlays, you need to set up a slideshow screen saver, one of the oldest and most loved features of Windows. We must also highlight the importance of screen savers beyond the fact that they have been relegated.

  1. Type screensaver in the Search box of the Start menu
  2. Click on Change screen saver in the search results
  3. Select the Photos option from the dropdown menu directly below
  4. Adjust the Wait option to configure how often the screen savers will appear
  5. In Browse, select the images that will make up the screen saver
  6. Select a folder that includes the photos and confirm with OK

Setting up the Photos app

Photos is the default photo viewing and editing app for Windows 11 and all your devices. This app includes a slideshow option that you can choose to view a collection of images.

  1. Click on the Photos app pinned to the Windows 11 Start menu
  2. Select the Albums tab and tap New album to select images in Photos
  3. Press the Create button to configure the album and, already personalized, click on Slideshow
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Configuring Google Photos

Google Photos is a cloud storage web application for storing images that allows you not only to save snapshots but also to set up a slideshow with images.

  1. Open Google Photos in your browser
  2. Click on the Create Album option
  3. Enter the title of the created album
  4. Select a series of photos for the slideshow and tap Done
  5. Select the new album in Google Photos and go to More options to select Slideshow

The album slideshow will play full screen and the process is quite intuitive as you just have to click the left and right arrows to scroll through the various images.


As you may have noticed, it is possible to create a photo slideshow without installing new applications in Windows. Taking advantage of the tools that come in this operating system you will achieve very good results.

Regardless, we also recommend several good PowerPoint templates for presenting photos.

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