• Google has recently introduced the Katamari minigame and it is captivating all users
  • The explanation is that mixture of nostalgia and enthusiasm that it provokes in historical fans
  • What are the steps you need to follow to roll and create a ball of digital wonders?

To the surprise of many, because we did not expect it, Google has recently introduced the Katamari minigame. As on the eve of important events or in the celebrations of special dates with their Doodles, the North American firm has opted for a game. And we we teach you how to play Katamari step by step.

This new web function available in the world’s most famous search engine is captivating all users. Both those who religiously enjoy their Doodles and those who have not yet been won over by them are talking about how entertaining it can be to spend even a few minutes to the mythical Katamari

Of course, the explanation lies in that mixture of nostalgia and enthusiasm that it provokes in historical fans; as in the undoubted hook that it has in those who have just discovered. AND just type “Katamari” for it.

How to launch the game in the Google search engine?

  1. Search for Katamari or directly click on this link to save you that step
  2. If you have searched, find the ball icon at the top right of the screen
  3. Click on the Katamari ball icon and move it with the arrows in the direction you want
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As we said, simply by typing Katamari in the Google search bar, you will see that a kind of ball appears -as a widget- on the upper right part of the screen. The same It can be moved with the arrows in the direction you want. And, as you progress, the elements of the page will be “pasted” in her. Thus, the ball is getting bigger with digital content that is sticking as it passes.

Better on PC than mobile

While the Katamari minigame can be played on both PC and smartphones, it is worth clarifying that, in our tests, the experience on PC is much better because it is more fluid than on smartphones. Scrolling with the keyboard arrows is much more interesting than doing it with just one finger on the panel of that iPhone or Android that you use every day and it doesn’t exceed 7 inches in size for logical reasons.

The story behind Katamari

Lucas Bullen, the lead software engineer behind the Katamari minigame project, shared the inspiration behind its creation. He states that he is fond of the mechanics of items that stick to the rolling Katamari.

By integrating this unique gameplay feature into the Google search page, fans can enjoy this Katamari magic beyond traditional gaming platforms. Bullen also pointed out that Google has hidden surprises, known as Easter egg widgets, inspired by games like Star Fox and The Last of Us.

And how about the real Katamari?

If the minigame leaves you wanting more rolling adventures, you can dive into the authentic Katamari alternative with “We Love Katamari REROLL + Royal Reverie”. This long-awaited second installment of the Katamari seriesre-released on Nintendo Switch, offers players the opportunity to enjoy a creative universe.

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In any case, you have to be prepared to be captivated by Google’s Katamari minigame, which will transport you on a happy journey through the digital realm where things are not as they seem at one point. you will have the opportunity to roll and create a ball of digital wonders to show it to your friends.

Have you been able to play Katamari through the Google minigame? Have you tried its version of Nintendo Switch?

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