It is not something normal that happens, but we can find different instances where chromebook simply It does not turn on. We have found several comments from users of HP and Asus Chromebooks that have this problem. On several occasions, resetting our Chromebook to factory settings fixes the problem. However, what if Chrome OS won’t turn on at all? If this is the case, we will have to use advanced recovery mode and reinstall Chrome OS.

But you don’t need to turn on all the alarms yet, there are some tricks that it would not be a bad idea to apply to try to solve the problem of Chromebook not turning on before going completely alarmed.

Fix a Chromebook that won’t turn on

check charger

Check charger.

Before we get alarmed and start looking into more complicated solutions, the first thing we should do is remove from the table the possibility that the problem is something simpler than we think. So, we are going to proceed to remove all the USB peripherals that are connected to the Chromebook for about 30 minutes.

Chromebooks have an indicator light next to the charging port, so we can check if it is charged. In case it appears that it is not charging, we will try to use another USB-C charger.

Additionally, we recommend verifying that the charger and adapter are perfectly plugged into the Chromebook and the wall outlet so that we do not have any doubts about the connection. If we do not see the light blinking, we will have to unplug the charger and try again for at least 30 minutes.

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Check battery status

Battery status.

Something else we have to rule out is the possibility of a degraded battery. From time to time the batteries reach a limit where they say: Enough and it is definitely Enough! So we will have to try connecting a new charger to our Chromebook and check if the charging indicator turns on.

In case the light comes on, then we are going to leave it charging for even an hour. If the Chromebook turns on but goes blank after a while, we can quickly check the battery status from the Diagnostics app.

We open the Application Launcher and start the Diagnostics application. From here we can check the status of the battery. In case it is less than 30%, we recommend changing it.

Check screen brightness

Brightness of the screen.

It may sound crazy, but it’s something we have to pay a lot of attention to. The reason is quite simple, Chrome OS has a shortcut or key on the top row that sets the brightness to the minimum level, which basically turns off the screen. This is very annoying and can give us the impression that the screen is dead or the Chromebook does not turn on.

So we will simply press the brightness key to increase the brightness as much as possible. If the screen turns on, we are already very clear about which key, we have to avoid it, right?

Remove problematic accessories

On many occasions, the Chromebook does not turn on for the simple fact that we have problematic or defective accessories connected to it. Google is the one who recommends completely disconnecting all peripherals so that the operating system can start without any kind of problem. So, if we have something connected via USB, we will proceed to disconnect it, in the same way it happens with an SD card, USB memory, hard drive, etc.

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Chromebook screen turns on but doesn’t stay on

It may happen that the Chromebook screen turns on but goes blank after a while, what we can try is to factory reset the Chromebook. This deletes all local files and folders from the Chromebook, except for those that are synchronized with our Google account. So we will have to be sure that we have a backup before proceeding.

Chromebook setup.

In order to factory reset the Chromebook we will have to open the Quick Settings panel and click on the gear-shaped icon in the upper right to go to the Settings menu.

Reset settings.

Now we are going to have to expand the Advanced menu in the left sidebar and click on Reset settings.


Next, we will click on Reset and the Chromebook will restart. The reset process will begin and all the data and applications that we have installed will be erased. Now what we’re going to do is go ahead and set up the Chromebook. After this, every time we turn on the laptop it should keep its screen on.

Revert Chrome OS to a previous version.

If the issue persists on the current version of Chrome OS, we recommend rolling back Chrome OS to a previous version.

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