• When installing uTorrent, like any software, there may be problems that prevent you from enjoying it
  • We are talking about the error that comes with the message “An error occurred while installing μtorrent classic”
  • What are the common causes of this obstacle and how to get rid of each one?

Although their boom times are long gone, for a couple of years now torrents have had their followers. Many turn to several of the programs that marked an era in this segment, and uTorrent is one of them. But, like any software, there can be drawbacks. AND Considering that this is a more common problem than we would think, we analyze the solution if you cannot install uTorrent on your PC.

Basically, we are talking about the error that comes with the message “An error occurred while installing μtorrent classic”. This appears when there is a problem with the installation of the application in question on Windows computers.

The most common causes of this hindrance include an unstable or non-working Internet connection, being in an area where uTorrent is blocked, or antivirus interference., including Defender itself. Other users assure that they discovered that everything was related to a previous bad uninstallation, with the little storage space available, or with the restrictions that their Internet providers place on them.

“There was an error installing μtorrent classic”: what to do then?

Some preliminary checks

Before going into the details, you have to close the error window and try to reinstall uTorrent. Nothing else. The error will probably repeat itself, but if not, you will have gotten rid of the error without wasting any time.

On the other hand, close any torrent clients and installers that are currently running on your computer. Make sure you have enough storage space on your computer and on the drive where you install it. Obviously, if you are downloading the program from an unofficial website, try to do it on the official one.

Check the Internet connection

An unstable internet connection can be the explanation for this impediment, so you should check it soon. Try other connected devices, and if only your PC fails, take a look at your network settings. You will probably have to reset it because the following steps require an active stable connection.

Activate a VPN

Sometimes it is impossible to install uTorrent on a PC because we are not in the right territory. Apparently, uTorrent users in the United States are not having these difficulties, and that means to us that we should opt for a VPN and an alternative address in one of the states of this country.

Setting up a VPN on your PC is quite simple, and if you don’t have one you should start by downloading one. There are numerous proposals within this category, so you should evaluate which one calls your attention the most.

Once the installation has completed successfully, you need to launch the VPN and connect to your chosen server. Choose one of the servers located in the United States, which seems to be the most recommended for now.

Once the new connection has been established through the VPN, relaunch the uTorrent installation to see what happens.

Are there broken installers?

The above steps should resolve the issue being discussed, but if they don’t, the uTorrent installer is most likely corrupted. You must re-download the installer from the official website and run it.

If you again notice that it is damaged, it cannot be ruled out that Microsoft Defender is not harming it. It disables the protection of the Windows operating system, and includes uTorrent in the system whitelist. By carrying out this procedure, you will prevent the operating system from mistrusting uTorrent and conditioning it.

Rule out interference from your ISP

Considering the high resource consumption of torrent clients and the liability they incur, many Internet providers advise against torrenting. While some ISPs will increase your connection speed when using torrent clients, others will completely block them if you try to use them on your laptops. Precisely, this limitation usually occurs in public spaces such as cafes, offices or schools.

While re-enabling a VPN should be enough to bypass ISP restrictions, it may you have to mess around with your DNS settings. It is another valid option to hide your activity from the telephone. Changing the DNS in Windows is not complicated at all. It may be the solution you need to move forward.


It is clear that installing uTorrent and receiving a message that the process cannot be completed is frustrating, especially when you have a torrent file ready to download. However, with any luck the tricks reviewed in the last few lines will allow you to get rid of the error message and undo the bug for good.

Have you been able to install uTorrent correctly on your PC? Which of the tricks fixed the problem?

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