• Some ChatGPT users complain about the extension that certain AI responses have in this tool because they cannot see them in their entirety and that slows down their studies or work
  • Events such as network congestion, server issues, unstable connection, or privacy settings could be behind the inability to load those responses.
  • What are the steps to follow so that I can effectively load the long answers?

Despite the constant evolution shown by the AI, some users complain about the extension that certain answers have in this tool because they cannot see them in their entirety. The point is that the solution to ChatGPT incomplete long responses will depend on what is causing the problem. In this article you will discover the steps to follow to obtain complete answers that facilitate their interpretation and do not stay halfway.

Network error in long ChatGPT responses

Specifically, there is apparently a network error in some of the long ChatGPT responses, which could be explained by considering some of the situations that we are going to cite below as justification for the failure.

  • network congestion
  • Server drawbacks
  • An unstable or slow connection
  • A security setting that interferes with ChatGPT

All of the above are several of the most common causes why long ChatGPT responses are incomplete or fail to load when they are too long. Therefore, in order to avoid problems similar to these, We must carry out a survey of each of the issues to rule them out.

How to avoid problems with long ChatGPT responses?

Actualization of the web site

The first thing you should do is refresh the ChatGPT web page to get past a temporary bad connection. you have to upgrade pressing the keys Ctrl + F5 for your browser to load the web page again.

Another option would be to close the ChatGPT tab or window and then open another one with the same chat query.

Check your internet connection

If your WiFi network is slow or unstable, you will have to check and eventually fix the Internet connection to continue. When ChatGPT responses are very long, a slow or unstable connection may not load them.

We already taught you how to increase Internet speed at home, so put those tricks into practice.

Check the status of the OpenAI server

Checking the status of the OpenAI server can help you figure things out, especially if they are down. You only have to enter this link from the OpenAI status page to see if it is working.

Assuming all is well, then you’ll have to move on to the other recommendations.

Reduce the length of your posts

In certain circumstances, the writing that you are requesting from ChatGPT is so long that it cannot cope with it. Try to divide the entry or ask him for aspects that do not require so many words to prevent him from ending up blocking. It may take you a little longer, but that will get you out of trouble.

Clear your browser cache

Be sure to clear your browser’s cache to prevent a damaged or corrupted cache from ruining ChatGPT.

Disable the VPN

The location selected in the VPN could threaten the use of ChatGPT because some countries seem to be against the use of this Artificial Intelligence. Go to your virtual private network and change the chosen location. Launch ChatGPT again. If the inconvenience came from the location side, it shouldn’t bother you again.

Try a different browser

Access this platform with a different browser. A conflicting browser may not let you take advantage of it. Try Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge or any other browser you have on hand, including those browsers that emphasize user privacy and security, with the example of Brave.

Contact OpenAI support

If none of the above alternatives corrected this failure or error, contact OpenAI support soon. You only have to click on the Get help button, at the bottom left of the ChatGPT website.

You can also send an email with your comments about it to the support@openai.com box.

How to get long responses in ChatGPT?

If you’ve gotten by with ChatGPT’s short replies so far, let us tell you that you’re not squeezing it as much as you could. You must clearly convey to him what you want so that he works accordingly. That is to say, if you want a long answer ask him to be detailed and not leave any element out.

Have you been able to find the solution to the incomplete answers of ChatGPT with this step by step?

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