• IPs are key to the operation of a modern PC, but they can have drawbacks
  • Sometimes, you will find that you cannot access a web page or site on the Internet
  • What is the procedure to see all the contents of these portals?

IP addresses are key to the operation of a modern PC. But they can have drawbacks. If you run into this common problem, today we’re going over a series of solutions for a temporarily blocked IP. Some will help you get rid of this glitch or error that seems to be repeating itself like never before.

Basically, you will find that you cannot access a web page or site on the Internet because messages appear indicating that the IP address is blocked. Despite the blocking, you may still see some content. It is important to insist on this because many users are mistaken in thinking that if they see some content it means that they do not have problems with their IP addresses. On the contrary, one thing does not take away the other.

Why the message “Your IP has been temporarily blocked”?

In a nutshell, you get this message when you try to enter a web page and for some reason this site makes it impossible for you to see all of its contents as you should. Of course, the difficult thing is that the reasons or explanations can be varied. This makes it necessary to rule out potential causes one by one.

Solutions to a temporarily blocked IP in Windows 10/11

Although lifting these bans when they actually come from the website is almost impossible, you can try your luck with some tricks that we are going to leave you with below. The last two are for more extreme situations.

Check if your IP address is blacklisted

It is possible that your IP address is on a blacklist. You can check it in What Is My IP Address. Waiting a few seconds, it will show you your IP address and, by comparing it, it will tell you if it is on a blacklist. Considering that this is the case, you have to go to the end of this article to contact your provider.

Get a new IP address by rebooting your router

Unless you use a static public IP address, your provider will assign you a dynamic IP address each time you go online. This means that if your current IP address is blocked by a web page, you should restart your router or modem so that they assign you another dynamic IP address and you no longer have to bother about it.

You just have to press the power button of the modem or router that you use. Second it will reboot.

Test with mobile data

Choosing to connect by an alternative way can be a good way to see if the block affects your WiFi. You just have to connect through the mobile data of your phone, and check what happens then. Assuming that you can connect like this, what you should do is change the IP of your home connection.

Activate or deactivate your VPN

Virtual private networks can be our best friends… or our worst enemies. If you have one active, try disabling it to see if you can connect to that web page. Sometimes some Internet sites are blocked for people connecting from specific countries. You may be able to get out of the problem that way.

Run an antivirus scan

Some of the intricacies related to a blocked IP address can be detected by your antivirus. Whether it’s Microsoft Defender or a third-party antivirus, run it to see its results. Surely you will find some other surprise associated with evil elements that attack your IP.

Get in touch with those responsible for the web

If you’re only experiencing this hurdle with one page, but not with the other sites on the Internet, it’s likely that there’s some specific type of conflict. What you should do is get in touch with those responsible.

Mostly, the portals add a contact section where you will find an email in which to communicate.

Contact your Internet provider

Ultimately always You still have the option of contacting your Internet service provider. As long as your IP address remains blocked despite all the possible solutions mentioned, you will have to go directly to whoever you pay for the service. If that doesn’t help, repeat the above procedures..

Have any of these solutions to a temporarily blocked IP worked for you? Which of them specifically?

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