• There is more than one solution possible to Windows 10/11 uninstall error 0x80073CF1
  • What is causing this impediment and how to specify the parameters to resolve it?

A good part of the problems that we can have in Windows are characterized by having unique codes. Thanks to them, it is easy to find out what the problem is and fix it. If you have just come across a bug and this code, here is the long-awaited solution to uninstall error 0x80073CF1 on Windows PCs to get rid of it as soon as possible and be able to continue using your computer as you usually do at home or office.

Basically, if you’re getting error 0x80073CF1, that means The package could not be found when trying to uninstall an app on your Windows 10 or Windows 11 deviceand you should try some procedures to get rid of this obstacle so that you can remove the conflicting app.

Users who have gone through this situation comment that the error in question occurs when they use the Remove-AppxPackagethe PowerShell command line cmdlet to uninstall an application.

Normally, the message that accompanies this error code is the following:

Remove-AppxPackage : Deployment failed with HRESULT: 0x80073CF1, Package was not found.
Windows cannot remove [PackageFullName] because the current user does
not have that package installed. Use Get-AppxPackage to see the list of packages installed.

In it, Windows explains that the app we are trying to delete is not installed in the current account.

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Why does this problem appear?

Users of versions of Windows that support multi-instance Universal Windows Platform -UWP- apps are the most likely to experience error 0x80073cf1. What happens is that these multi-instance apps allow each user to run their own instance of the same app.

As a result, when a user tries to delete an instance that is not linked to the account they are currently logged in to, they may notice that Windows prevents them from doing so and issues the error alert 0x80073cf1.

And how to fix it?

Switch to a different user account

You’ll most likely get this error if you’re not on the user account the app was launched on. So runs Get-AppxPackage -Name [PackageFullName] -allusers to see the list of users who have this package installed. Viewing this information should take no more than a few seconds.

You can also run Get-AppxPackage -Name [PackageFullName] -User [CurrentUser] to check if the package is installed in the current user account. If not, switch to another user who has this package installed and then try removing the package, which should result in the app being uninstalled for good.

Specify the -allusers parameter with Remove-AppxPackage

Remember that the -allusers parameter with Get-AppxPackage has no effect on Remove-AppxPackage. Therefore, you should explicitly specify -allusers with Remove-AppxPackage, even if it seems redundant.

The -allusers parameter removes the application package -main package type- from all user accounts. If it is a package, then use -PackageTypeFilter with Get-AppxPackage and specify a specific package.

uninstall error 0x80073CF1 2

Log in as Administrator and run the command with administrator privileges, also make sure you’re using Windows 10 version 1809 or later or Windows 11. In earlier versions this doesn’t work.

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Some issues to keep in mind

There are things to keep in mind before proceeding, such as that you can’t delete an instance when you’ve previously deleted the user account. On the other hand, if the provisioned app reappears in new user accounts after installing updates, you can and should deprecate the app by creating a registry keya process that requires some extra knowledge.

Other frequently asked questions

How do I remove an APPX package from PowerShell?

  1. Right click on the WinX menu and select Terminal (Admin)
  2. Click Yes at the User Account Control prompt
  3. Write Get-AppxPackage | Select Name, PackageFullName in the PowerShell window and press Enter
  4. You will see the list of installed app packages
  5. Make a note of the “name” of the APPX package you want to uninstall
  6. Type Get-AppxPackage “name” | Remove-AppxPackage in the PowerShell window and press Enter

What is PC Error Code 0x80073CFA?

Error 0x80073CFA is an uninstall error that can appear when you try to remove apps from the Microsoft Store on a PC running Windows 10 or Windows 11 operating systems, usually accompanied by a “we couldn’t uninstall” message.

These operations are usually not successful, and Windows will recommend that you try again later. Just in case, run the Windows Store App Troubleshooter, clear the cache, or directly uninstall the app with PowerShell as we taught you in the previous lines.

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