We begin the last month of the year and you will all agree that it has not ended as well as we expected. Due to international conflicts, the aftermath of the pandemic and other factors have caused inflation to skyrocket and with it prices to rise and a large series of negative things that you may have experienced firsthand as a worker or owner of a company.

Don’t worry, because in this article we wanted to compile the most important data you need to know so that technology helps you as much as possible in the development of your business, or your day-to-day life, in 2023. As every year, there are to adapt to changes in order not to be left behind and to continue being the leader in the sector.

4 aspects to take into account in any business in 2023


Fortunately or unfortunately, if there is something that the pandemic has taught us, it is that any business has to have an online presence. A high percentage of sales of any store is made virtually and it is essential not only to have a web page to display and offer all the products, but also to position it and that is where SEO and SEM come into action.

Some time ago we prepared a list of SEO basics that you can follow to try to reach the top of Google. SEM, unlike SEO, is that it is more immediate to be paid advertising, but the ideal is always to make everything more organic so that not only do you not lose a lot of budget, but also to last over time in the search engine.

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For this it is advisable to make a timeline with the objectives that you want to set in different periods of time to be aware of them and to be able to see the progress to report them. In this way, the team will work more focused on the targets, knowing the deadlines.

Face-to-face work vs. hybrid format

The way of working has changed. There are already many companies that offer their positions to work in a hybrid format or even the famous remote work. In fact, having this freedom to work from wherever you want has caused many employees to leave their jobs to move to other companies that allow them. It is something that 5 years ago seemed unthinkable but now it is more than a reality.

It is recommended that as far as possible, companies adopt this system to promote the well-being and, above all, the productivity of employees.

This not only implies planning a budget for laptops, instead of desktops, but also using a series of applications and tools that can favor remote work. It is not the same to go carrying a notebook with all the notes than to use an application that allows you to have everything saved online. The same with meetings, now it is normal to use tools such as Zoom or Around to carry them out not only online, but with much more dynamism.

You have to look for productivity and for that to happen the worker has to be happy, as long as they present the expected results, what difference does it make if they are in an office, at home or in a hotel?

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Without a doubt, one of the biggest challenges will be cybersecurity. It is not a challenge that will only start in 2023, but it has been with us for a long time now, but with most of the staff working from home, it is a growing problem that must be taken into account and, ideally, we should try to tackle it by creating a essential guide to working remotely establishing what can and cannot be done from a security point of view.

Having a VPN seems essential and no one should be able to work these days without access to one. Data privacy is the order of the day and there are more and more hackers trying to access confidential data that, unfortunately, is often easier to access than we might think.


Directly it is not a technological challenge as such but it is going to be a big problem indirectly for two main reasons:

cost increases: The cost of electricity, new equipment, infrastructure, applications… is rising at a rate that, fortunately, is stabilizing a bit today, but it can be a challenge during the first months of the year. Plan these expenses well so that the impact is minimal.

layoffs: Unfortunately, we have seen how large companies like Meta or Amazon have made massive layoffs in recent months. It is mainly due to the large number of contracts that were made during the pandemic, and since the market has stabilized, and even lowered, after the pandemic, they have been forced to carry out the action. With all these notions about the challenges that await us in 2023, you could better plan what you expect from the year and how you are going to achieve it. 2023 will be much better than 2022 so the sooner you start working on the next goals, the better the path to reach them will be. Good luck!

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