• Blox Fruits is an adventure game with many places to explore, some of which are locked
  • To unlock them, you will have to carry out some tasks and meet certain conditions.
  • What are the requirements and to get to the Third Sea of ​​​​Blox Fruits and what will you find there?

Blox Fruits is an adventure game with many new places to explore, and even in its first instances it can be very entertaining for beginners. gamers. But, no matter how much you enjoy this game, your experience will not be complete until you know the trick to reach the Third Sea in Blox Fruits and find all its objects.

For those who don’t know, the Third Sea was introduced in the game update 15 and it is the ultimate destination with many awesome features and quests, not to mention the new bosses and powerful enemies waiting for you.

In this article, we want to teach you everything you need to know to get to the Third Sea, including the requirements you must meet and the process you must follow to complete the process if you are having problems.

How to get to the Third Sea in Blox Fruits?

Reaching the Third Sea is not an easy mission, but it is worth it in the end because it will help you level up faster. You can get rewards and the only unavoidable condition is to be a player of level 1,500 or higher. When you try without reaching that level yet, a message will remind you to reach it.

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Reaching level 1500 is a challenge and possibly the most difficult part of the entire process that we are going to detail. Basically, you have to complete as many challenges and missions as possible to accumulate XP points. In addition, doing them within the set times will improve XP income and level up quickly.

In fact, if you reach level 1500, you will receive a message saying that you are ready to enter the Third Sea. You will also receive a list of tasks that you must complete to reach the location we are referring to.

Tasks to reach the Third Sea

Go to the Colosseum and kill Swan

The first step to find the Third Sea in Blox Fruits is to go to the Colosseum in the New World, located in Area 1. Once in the Colosseum, Go down into the water and go under the bridge to talk to NPC King Read Head.

He will ask you to kill the boss Don Swan if you haven’t already. To kill Swan, he goes and talks to Trevor, the NPC responsible for gaining access to Don Swan. Trevor will ask you to bring him an expensive fruit. That means finding any fruit that costs more than 1 million beli. If you already have the fruit, you can give it to him and continue. Otherwise, you will have to search for it. The easy way to get an expensive fruit is to throw fruits every two hours at the dealer.

Once you have found the fruit, take it to him and he will allow you to go through the door behind which Don Swan is. Killing Swan is relatively easy, so it shouldn’t take a lot of time or effort.

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Kill Rip_indra

Once you’re done with Swan, return to the Colosseum and talk to the NPC King Read Head again. It will detail that you have to miss about it, not to say kill, a Third Sea boss named Rip_indra.

Upon defeating Rip_indra, you will receive a telepathic message from the NPC King Red Head enabling you to permanently access the Third Sea. You must find Mr. Captain in the Green Zone and talk to him to proceed. Accepting everything, you will be teleported to the Third Sea and in a fraction of a second you will have accessed that space.

Incredible places to explore in the Third Sea

Now that you are aware of the tasks that you must carry out, there are a number of places to explore in the Third Sea.

  • Port Town: a small but rich island. Its residents are wealthy people who come together to play and socialize with each other. While the wealthy are harmless, the city has a dark and dangerous side: The Stone.
  • Great Tree – This mysterious island is home to the largest tree in the game, hence the name Great Tree. Rear Admirals and Navy Commodores guard the place under the command of Admiral Kilo.
  • Hydra Island – This is a legendary island occupied solely by strange women who worship snakes. Some skilled Communal Warriors can create bows that allow them to shoot poison arrows.
  • Floating Turtle – This unique island sits on the shell of a giant turtle, hence the name. Various types of mink live there and it features a variety of distinctive dwellings, including pineapple houses, a massive tree house, and a mansion that serves as a safe zone for both marines and pirates.
  • Haunted Castle – This is another spooky spot that you should know about before unlocking the Third Sea. Gigantic ship that can be mistaken for a castle due to its size and is home to dangerous supernatural beings, including zombies and crazed skeletons that yearn for a sacrifice with the shape of your soul
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As we said at the beginning, your gaming experience with Blox Fruits isn’t complete without first exploring the Third Sea. The only hard part about getting to the sea is being a level 1500 player, so once you’ve done that, you’ll only have kill the boss Rip_indra to be able to access that new sea with its elements.

Access to the Third Sea allows you to fight bosses and enemies and ultimately level up faster. It is also important because you will discover more secrets of the game and you will be able to get hold of powerful weapons.

Have you tried to reach the Third Sea? If so, how many islands have you explored already? Tell us!

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