The possibilities offered by Office applications are practically endless. We can carry out a large number of jobs thanks to these and we can assure you that there are many things you didn’t know you could do in powerpoint. In this article, we are going to tell you the most important ones.

These things you didn’t know you could do in PowerPoint

Remove an image background

Choose image to edit.

We have a wide variety of options when it comes to editing photos or images in PowerPoint. If we go to the Image format tab, we will have to click on Remove background right in the upper left corner and that’s it.

Remove background.

We will see that the background darkens leaving the target in focus. Then we can adjust the image by marking the different additional areas to be able to remove them. Once we finish, we will simply have to select Keep changes to save what we have done.

To combine colours

If we want to get a presentation with a professional, consistent and attractive appearance, we can use the exact color matches thanks to the eyedropper tool.

Here we will have to choose the element whose color we want to change and combine it. It may be a shape, object, or text. Next, we’ll go to the color picker for the element type we selected. To serve as an example, we can use the Home tab to choose either the Font Color or the Shape Fill.

Choose colors.

For this we are going to choose Eyedropper in the dropdown menu.

Click where we are going to change the color in PowerPoint.

When the mouse cursor changes to an eyedropper, we will have to click on the color that we want to use. We can do it in PowerPoint or another application.

Change colors.

Now we will see that it will change immediately to the selected color.

Resize many images or objects at once

Suppose we add multiple images or objects to a slide, we may want them all to be the same size for consistency. We don’t need to resize these files one at a time.

Choose images in PowerPoint.

We will select the images or objects that we want to change. We can do this by holding down the Ctrl key on Windows and clicking on each of the elements.

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Now we go to the element type tab. For example, if you select images, we will have to go to the Image Format tab. For a shape, Shape Format, etc.

We can resize all images at once.  Another of the things you didn't know we could do in Microsoft PowerPoint.

On the right side of the ribbon, we will see a section that says Size. Here we are going to have to enter the height and width, when we are done, we will press Enter.

Trim videos from PowerPoint

It’s easy to add a video to a slideshow. Although we can also edit it directly from the application.

Crop video.

For this we must select the video that we want to edit and go to the Playback tab. Then we are going to click on Trim video.

Choose which part to cut.

We will see that our video appears in the Crop video box. We’re going to have to drag the slider from the left or right to cut off the beginning or end. It is also possible to use the Start Time and End Time boxes to be able to set the exact times where we want to trim.

Trimming videos is one of the things you didn't know we could do in Microsoft PowerPoint.

If we click on Play, we can see how it turned out before saving it. If it is as we wanted, then we will press OK to apply the changes.

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