• You will already know that Reels in particular have an important influence on the success of your strategies.
  • To get the most out of videos, there are a number of settings you should adjust
  • What are the inevitable tricks and why doesn’t everything depend on the edition in the app?

If you are a content creator, it does not matter if you work for your startup or for a large company, you will know that Instagram in general and Reels in particular have an important influence on the success of your strategies. Since the way they look can affect your results, We show you how you can adjust the quality of the Reels in a few steps so that their visual effect on potential consumers is the best possible.

Of course, you want yours to be the best quality of all the videos available on this platform. Considering the fierce competition around publishing Reels, it makes sense to invest in it. You probably already have a good smartphone for your publications, but what about the software?

How to adjust the quality settings of Instagram Reels?

To get the most out of videos, there are a number of settings that you should adjust according to your needs.

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Upload videos with the highest quality available

The first thing you can and should do is make sure that Instagram uploads your photos and videos in the best quality. By default, this feature is disabled. and some users may not be aware of it.

  • Open your Instagram profile and access the menu at the top right
  • Go to Settings & Privacy, and scroll down to Data Usage & Media Quality
  • Turn on the Highest quality upload setting and close the Instagram app
quality Reels 2

Find a site with a good signal

Having a place where the Internet connection is not only fast but also stable is essential.

For example, if you are posting from the public road with mobile data and you are far from the nearest urban center, the data transmission speed may not be enough for the file to be uploaded in the highest quality. If you can wait, you should wait until you get home and connect to a fast and stable Wi-Fi network, without latency.

Aspect ratio, resolution and size of the Reels

There are certain settings that could go unnoticed if you are not involved in the world of social networks. To be sure that your posts will shine, you have to meet some requirements or conditions. But not from the Instagram app but from your camera app, whatever it is.

Recommended settings for videos that will serve as Reels

  • The aspect ratio must be between 1.91:1 and 9:16
  • Frame rate must be at least 30 frames per second
  • Resolution must be at least 720 pixels
  • Video file size should be max 50MB
  • The maximum length of the video should be 90 seconds
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Transfer the videos to your mobile

If you are one of those who like to record videos with a professional camera, you should be careful while transferring the files. You can lose quality, and all the work and effort put into recording with a camera will end up being lost. You have to resort to services to send large files, preventing them from being compressed and losing quality.

Totally ruled out are messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram, which significantly reduce the weight of the files and, therefore, their final quality. The best are these platforms or email.

Use Instagram to edit

If you are wondering which program to use for video editing, none is as good as Instagram. You can basically do all the basic editing tricks like adding clips, zooming or cropping.

The less you edit the videos outside of Instagram, the better, because you will lose less quality on this network.

Always update the app

It might almost seem obvious, and yet it is not. Mistakes can make creating Reels much more difficult. And one of the main ones is not checking if you have the latest version of the Instagram application installed.

You’d be surprised how many improvements an update can include and how inconvenient it can be to deal with outdated versions of your favorite apps. So update Instagram before proceeding.

From the App Store or Google Play Store this should take no more than a few seconds.


When the quality of the final publication doesn’t live up to what you expected, you could well be disappointed. Hopefully, these changes to your video settings will be helpful in adjusting the quality of your Reels.

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The idea is that the creative process is fun, but that it also translates into a first-class publication.

Do you usually post Reels on Instagram? Do you do it amateur or professionally? What other tricks would you advise?

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