• MacOS has had screen recording built-in for years, and Apple has improved it
  • Today, there are two ways to make these recordings: natively or with programs
  • What are the steps to follow in each case and what to do with the file obtained?

Many times, explaining to someone else an action on the computer can be a bit of a difficult task. That is, in various circumstances, knowing how to record the screen of your Mac will be of great help for it.. Precisely for this reason, in this article we show you what are the steps to follow and what apps you need.


No matter what the objective is for which you want to record the screen of your Apple computer, the truth is that these tutorials are two of those that it is interesting to know before you really need themWell, sometimes the situations you are trying to record cannot be repeated, and that complicates things a bit.

The best thing about MacOS is that it has had screen recording built in for years, and Apple has improved it as time goes on, so your original functions may suffice For this task. Assuming they were not, we are going to tell you which programs might offer certain additional features.

How to record your Mac screen natively?

The easiest way to record screen on MacOS is from the built-in screenshot utilities toolbar on this operating system, and these are the steps to follow to activate that platform:

  • Press Command + Shift + 5 to open the screenshot utilities toolbar
  • Click on the screen recording option and choose whether to record all or only part of it
  • Once you have made your choice, click Record to start recording.
record screen mac 2

QuickTime Player, the other internal alternative

Alternatively, you can use the pre-installed QuickTime Player app to record your Mac screen.

  • Open the QuickTime Player application and click on File in the menu bar and click on New Recording…
  • Use the screenshot utilities toolbar to start recording
record screen mac 3

At this point, keep in mind that everything you are doing on your screen will be recorded during the process. We can advise you, then, to avoid notifications that could make you uncomfortable later.

How to stop screen recording?

Now that you are recording the screen, to stop it you have to look for the icon in the menu bar of your Mac. Click on that icon to stop the screen recording and tell the system what to do with the file.

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record screen mac 4

And how to record screen with system audio?

One of the few limitations of the MacOS screen recorder is the fact that it does not record system audio. You will only find the possibility to use the microphone of your Mac as an audio source, but that’s not the same,

Fortunately, there is a simple way, via a third-party app, to route audio to your Mac’s system. We’ll talk about others later, but for starters we believe that Loopback can be a good choice.

to take advantage of it you have to allow the installation of system extensions on your Macclear.

  • Download Loopback from this link and run the app
  • Tap the + icon next to Sources and tap the audio source to record
  • Open the screenshot utilities toolbar as we show you
  • Under Options, select Loopback Audio or the name of your virtual device as the microphone to take it

That’s all. Now you can start the screen recording and it will record the audio that is played in the app that you have selected at the timeso Loopback is a great ally in this type of specific work.

record screen mac 5

Other macOS screen recording apps

If the above did not convince you, you will always find other programs to record the screen in MacOS. We can mention OBS Studio among the free ones and Camtasia among the paid services, to name two..


So far, a review of all the solutions that we have at hand when we want to record the screen in MacOS. We said that MacOS built-in recording is full of options and can meet the needs of most users, so we think you should start by trying your luck with it..

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Have you managed to record the screen of your Mac? Have you done it with a third-party app or from MacOS?

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