• New and good options are constantly appearing on the market within Android
  • Probably many users are thinking of buying them, and with it selling their mobile
  • What are the steps to follow to prepare your mobile for sale and where to sell the equipment?

If you are thinking of getting rid of your old mobile and it is not an iPhone, with what we know of its incredible resale power, you should know how to sell your Android step by step to get the most out of it. Find out throughout this article full of recommendations for these situations!

The fact is that new and good options within Android are constantly appearing on the market. We can cite two outstanding cases such as the Pixel 7a in the mid-range and the Galaxy S23 in the high-end. Probably many users are thinking of buying them… and with it selling their current smartphones.

Prepare your mobile to sell it step by step

General inspection

The first thing you have to do is inspect your phone to see if it is in good condition. Generally, if it looks good and works well, you will have no problem selling. You can even get rid of it for a hefty amount if it needs some very one-off fixes. Usually your battery tends to wear out over time. But just change it to fix it.

Factory reset

Once the data has been transferred from your old terminal to a new one, the next step will be the factory reset. So what you do is delete all personalization and private files. As its name indicates, it directly remains in the same software circumstances as when it was first purchased.

Find out if there are redemption plans

In the United States, exchange plans are very common. And although in Spain we are not so used to the same manufacturer changing our old phone for another, there are some brands that are doing it. Surely the best example of this is Samsung with its Plan Renove, designed precisely for this purpose.

The operation of this system is quite easy, and just take a look at the service’s website:

  1. Select the model of your old device
  2. Answer a few short questions to find out the estimated maximum value* you can get from the sale of your old device.
  3. If you accept the estimated valuation of World Business you will receive the necessary information to know how to send your old device totally free.
  4. World Business SRL will review your device and offer you the final assessment. If you agree with it, you will receive the amount corresponding to said assessment. World Business SRL will contact you in the event that after receiving the device the requirements to participate in the program are not met.

website of Scrappage scheme from Samsung Spain

Or think about selling it on your own

Selling your Android without trading it to the manufacturer is another option. A valid alternative if you do not have a Samsung, as well as if you want to exchange it for another or directly receive the money to use it in another way.

International platforms such as Swappa can help you when it comes to having references on how much money to ask for. Although it does not work in Spain, You can do the simulation to have some data that helps you orient yourself.

With enough information, it is somewhat less likely that you will end up selling your smartphone with Android OS on the cheap. Meanwhile, the good news is that sales of new phones are going down and used ones are going up.

Sites to sell your used Android in Spain

reBuy (official Web)

reBuy has a very intuitive interface. Provide an offer based on the questions we have been asked. Subsequently, a delivery person will collect the device and, once it has been checked, the payment is received in our account. Best of all, thanks to the mechanism, we will not have to bear the cost of shipping.

Likewise, once they have evaluated the product that we have sent, they will determine if it really has that value. If yes, they transfer the money the same day. However, if the status of the device does not fully match, they contact us to make a counter offer. If it is rejected, we will return the mobile.

SellMobile (official Web)

In this firm they accept a wide range of mobile devices, although their price may be lower compared to others. Its operation is easy and similar to the previous examples. Select the brand and model, also including the IMEI number and device details, and wait for a quote.

The value they offer for the phone will depend on your state. That is why they consult you about their current condition. Obviously there is no point in lying to them or to anyone, because they have a team of lawyers and experts that can prevent you from enjoying the money received for a long time. The ideal is to be 100% honest when selling to him.

Have you managed to sell your Android at the best price? What other tricks do you recommend to get it?

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