We want to review our favorite social network and when we enter we find a problem that prevents us from being able to do it.How can we solve it? Do not worry, because we are going to propose one solution to the error from TikTok that says “You are visiting our service with too often”.

Actually, we are going to propose several possible solutions. Although we must consider that simply waiting (once the error appears) for the time we can re-enter, this time is not specific, it can be a few hours or several days.

What does the error “You are visiting our service too often” mean?

This error message can be caused by TikTok’s efforts to prevent spam. Certain kinds of activity can activate anti-spam protocols of the social network and this prevents users from being able to log in. In this way TikTok can reduce accounts, comments and likes with spam.

Why does the error appear?

There are many reasons they can do skip the TikTok alarm. One of these is that we are logging in too fast. Let’s pretend that we log in and log out 5-8 times; possibly not a normal thing, then TikTok acts accordingly.

Another option is to have too many accounts created on a single device. If we enter more than one account per day from the same device, the error may appear. Especially if we create or log in from a public and insecure network.

There is also the possibility that they will not allow you to enter the social network because you are using an emulator like BlueStacks (basically it would be like having Android on Windows, but an emulator, not natively or officially), for example. Such emulators are good to use in games, but TikTok is going to register it as a third-party app and mistake it for a bot; so it will proceed to block it.

How to Fix TikTok Error “Visits Too Frequently”

When this error message appears, we should not be alarmed, it can be solved with one of the methods that we are going to discuss a little below.

Use another device

The most obvious first solution to try is to use another device. If we have another phone, the ideal would be to enter from it. It even tries to use mobile data and not the same Wi-Fi connection.

Use a VPN service

VPN services or virtual private networks allow us to hide or disguise our real IP. This is quite useful for avoiding locks and censored content. But it will also allow us to enter from another IP that is not ours.

Restart the modem or router

In case your internet service providers (ISP) give you a dynamic IP (most of the time) when restarting the router we will have a new IP. The problem is when we have a static IP, we will always have the same one. In that case we will have to use a VPN. The way to reboot the router is to simply unplug it from the power for a few minutes and plug it back in.

Submit an appeal to TikTok telling them about the visitation mistake too often

If it is a false error and you did nothing to generate it. We can complain to TikTok, sending an appeal. From the login screen we will have to press the icon with the question mark “?” in the upper right.

After this we will see several options, we will have to select the last of these which is “Other”. Next, we will see a message that says “Still have a problem?” then we write down the problem, attach screenshots if possible, and submit it.

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