• Nightdive Studios presents us with an incredible adventure based on the Blade Runner universe.
  • A remake of WestWood Studios’ 1997 classic that can be enjoyed on consoles.

After so many years, we return again to the universe of Bucket Runner and it is normal that beginners need several tips to advance in the adventure in a satisfactory way. Precisely in this article, we will see those fundamental tips to start with the right foot Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition.

It is not the first time that we give advice for different games, previously we have done it for: Tsuki Odyssey, the popular and controversial Devil Immortal, even to win any combat in Clash Royale. If you need more advice on video games, we recommend you use the search engine at the top of Islabit.com.

Fundamental Tips for Blade Runner for Beginners

Talk to all characters

Being a game with a detective story, it will obviously be essential to talk to each character that we meet in Blade Runner. The idea is that we get to the bottom of the story through different clues that other characters can provide.

The main way to get to the bottom of things is to extract as much information as possible from suspects and characters. Ray MacCoy is new to the job, but manages to make up for his lack of experience with an incredible speaking ability. So we will have to use this to our advantage to find clues no matter what.

Scanning all locations

This is a classic point and click adventure game, which means that we will go through various environments full of characters and interactive objects. The only problem is that they are not always marked and it will depend on our curiosity to find them. This means that on many occasions it is relatively easy to miss them.

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One technique used here is called pixel search. For this, players have to use the mouse to scroll every inch of the screen, until the mouse pointer changes, pointing to a key area.

Obviously, we are talking about a tedious task, but on many occasions it will prevent us from getting stuck. So in one way or another, it is a technique that we must apply at all times.

Use the available tools

Throughout the story we will have to examine many clues and varied information. This is where we will have to make use of the Knowledge Integration Assistant (KIA), it is a database that will help us keep track of all the information that we have been collecting.

From time to time, we will also need to observe field photographs using the ESPER system; which gives us the possibility of improving them to find hidden data. Then we will have another one to determine if a person is a clone, for this we will use the Voight-Kampff machine.

Review locations before a new location

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition makes use of a central world where we can freely move between different locations using a floating vehicle. This means that we can go from the LAPD to the scene of the crime, or go somewhere else if we have exhausted all other options.

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