• With each update, iOS becomes a more secure operating system for its users.
  • But taking advantage of its privacy features depends on us being aware of them… and activating them.
  • What are those essential tricks to feel safer when using an iPhone?

With all this cyberattacks and other issues that those of us who use smart devices are constantly dealing with, it is clear that privacy is an increasingly important factor for smartphone users. To the extent that we can, we should do everything possible so that no one else has access to our sensitive information. So, today you have to discover how to hide private data on your iPhone.

And it is that if you have an Apple mobile you are probably not exploiting it to the fullest in terms of security. Developers at both Cupertino and Google are constantly striving to make all kinds of tools available to us so that we are calm regarding the most personal data.

So the responsibility to be the owner of that smartphone, who has to bother to go using the different instruments that each operating system, in this case iOS, to protect yourself.

So you can hide private data on your iPhone

As we have been saying, there are some security recommendations that are essential in iPhone. Whenever you plan to lend your phone to someone else, even someone you trust, with these tips you will prevent them from having access to more information than you would like and could be disclosing.

Add an access code

This is most likely something you’ve already done, but you should start by adding an access code. Doing so will ensure that no one else can get past your iPhone’s lock screen even if they wanted to.

In fact, we suggest you add it, especially if you are not using Touch ID or Face ID until now. These systems are also completely secure, but someone could still unlock your phone with their finger while you sleep, or trick you into unlocking it with your face. The code does not have any weaknesses.

From Settings, Face ID and code or Touch ID or code you can establish such an access.

Hide personal photos

If you want to show someone a picture you just took, you run the risk of ending up in your Gallery. Although that is more difficult to prevent, it is not difficult at all to remove all your personal photos from their view.

hide private data iPhone 2

Although you can temporarily delete these photos and recover them when you have the mobile with you again, we believe that it is best to hide them in an album specifically designed for this purpose. Eventually, you can also block access to the photo album in iOS 16 if you want.

Hide purchased apps

You may have downloaded, at some point, one of those applications that we are all curious about. We talk about dating apps like Tinder and others that you may not want others to see. While you can’t remove apps from your purchase history, you can hide them, and it’s pretty much the same thing.

You have to go to the App Store, tap on your profile, select Purchased to see the downloaded applications and, already positioning yourself on top of the one you want to hide, slide to the right and press the Hide button

In Settings, Apple ID Media and purchases, View account, you can see the apps that are hidden.

Remove apps from home screen

Obviously, if you are embarrassed by any of the apps in question but think there is no need to remove it from your purchase history, sometimes it might be enough to remove them from home screen apps.

hide private data iPhone 3

On the home screen, touch and Long press the app you want to hide, clicking Remove app. Choose Remove from home screen. You can find it again in the App Library.

Do not show notifications or previews on the lock screen

None of the above will make much sense if you don’t care, or take care, to turn off notifications and lock screen previews. After all, much of the sensitive information that arrives appears there.

The healthiest thing is to turn off notifications from the lock screen at least one more time, until you have the device on you again. Once you are no longer going to lend it, you can reactivate them without problems.

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