• You can upload Instagram Reels from your PC easily and quickly, but not with so many options
  • What are the steps to follow and what features are lost if you upload reels from your PC?

If you dedicate yourself to creating content for a brand or for yourself, and you spend a good part of the day sharing things with your followers, doing it on the small screen of your phone can be tiring. Therefore, if you are already tired of working on the mobile, you should know that you can upload Instagram Reels from your PC easily and quickly. What are the steps to follow in these cases and what changes when the reels are uploaded from computers?

As you know, the Instagram Reels feature allows you to create and share short videos with filters, music, and more. Sharing them from the smartphone is not bad, but if you have a computer at hand it is to take advantage of it.

And the interesting thing is that although the web version of Instagram is not as complete as the app for iOS and Android, includes uploading of video files to create Reelswhich is all we need in this situation.

As the entire process is done through the browser, the operating system you are using is independent. MacOS, Windows, Linux or Chrome OS do not matter exactlyso the tutorial works for all of them.

So you can upload Instagram Reels from your PC

Since Instagram Reels are a great way to share short-form videos with other users on the platform, you can easily create and edit videos on your iPhone or Android to share with others. But it can also happen that, due to various circumstances, video files are stored on your PC.

  1. Open your favorite browser, enter the official Instagram.com website and log in with your access credentials
  2. Click on Create in the left panel and, in the next menu, in Select from the computer
  3. Browse through your folders until you find the video you want to share and upload it to Instagram
  4. Make the cuts that you consider appropriate from the lower left corner
  5. On the Edit screen, you can select a cover photo from the video or saved on your computer
  6. Set if you want to keep the original audio of the video or if you prefer to mute the sound completely
  7. Tap Next, and before posting, enter a description for the reel and a location for the reel
  8. Decide accessibility settings, such as whether or not you want to allow comments on the Reel
  9. Click Share in the upper right corner to post the Reel to your account
  10. You will receive a notification when the Reel is published on Instagram

It’s worth noting that when uploading videos to convert to Reels from the desktop version, there are fewer options than on the mobile app. Without going any further, it will not allow you to add music from the Instagram database. Unfortunately, you will be limited to the original sound of the video or editing the music before uploading.

AND you won’t be able to add fun stuff such as stickers, text, or other attention-grabbing visuals. Currently, the only options from the desktop are the ones we have mentioned. Cuts, silence and few more.


There is no doubt that having the ability to upload Reels from laptops or desktop PCs is a useful feature. Especially, if you take the trouble to edit videos with professional programs installed on your computer. Obviously, computers are more powerful and are perfect for audiovisual editing tasks.

Ideally, you edit the videos and upload them from your PC so that its quality is superior to that of the mobile.

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