• It is enough to carry out an exchange to verify that the used iPhone is worth more than the Android
  • To access a product with similar performance, you will have to put a lot of money on it
  • So maybe you want an iPhone because it will age better over the years.

For years, we have lived with the belief that iPhones are generally more expensive than Androids. Although recently the price of the second has been equated with that of the first in new devices, we continue to see the difference between used equipment. It is enough to carry out an exchange to verify that the used iPhone is worth more than the Android. But why are they more expensive in those situations?

It is a question that you are probably asking yourself if you have an old Android that you want to change for an iPhone. You will find that to access a product with similar performance, you will have to put a lot of money on top of it. The operators are also more interested in the iPhone from a couple of years ago than in the Android.

iPhones dominate the used smartphone market

The latest statistics from IDC indicate that smartphone sales are at a somewhat low point. During the final part of last year, shipments fell by more than 18% as a result of the economic contractions that are, in turn, a consequence of the context. In addition, there are other interesting explanations.

One of them is that innovation between generations is not being as pronounced as it used to be. Basically, any high-end from a couple of years ago would compete well with a current high-end.

Beyond that, as new mobile sales decline, the popularity of the used ones grows. There are redemption programs in which despite the fact that all terminals enter, iPhones are the stars.

Apple benefits from the situation

Counterpoint Research confirms what we already assumed: Apple dominates the used market. During 2022, while the sale of smartphones fell, Apple took advantage of becoming stronger in these programs. Alternatives such as USMP and Back in the Box detail that users prefer second-hand iPhones.

At this point, the demand for used iPhones is greater than the demand for used Android devices. Surely those who have tried to trade in a used Samsung Galaxy for a used iPhone will know this.

The picture these people are running into is that to ditch their three-year-old Galaxy and get a three-year-old iPhone, they have to put down at least $200, even considering their launch price was the same. . That is, iPhones age much better.

Although these programs are aimed at continuing to move the mobile market, even if it is used, they can give us an idea of ​​how Those willing to take an iPhone and recycle it stand to make impressive profits as customers continue to be drawn to models from several years ago..

But why is the demand for the iPhone so high?

The reality in each country is different, of course, but Apple owns almost 57% of the total share of the US smartphone market, more than Samsung, Motorola and Google and the Chinese firms combined.

Apple does good things, obviously, but it’s also an effective advertiser and it’s one of the most recognizable brands in the world. But more importantly, Apple knows how to attract and secure its customers.

Apple has an incredible amount of control over its hardware and software and is way ahead of Android. You can buy a Windows PC or an Android phone from a dozen different brands, but whenever you’re looking for a Mac or an iPhone you’ll have to buy one made by Apple. It is not all.

This management of a relatively small amount of equipment, or equipment in the hands of a few manufacturers, allows Apple to be much more aware of how it evolves over time, updating them more and better than almost any device that is not managed by they. It is something that users seem to value today.

Should any of this matter to you as a consumer?

Some iPhone models receive seven years of software updates, against four of the Samsung. Google is just promising three years of updates and five years of security updates, but how well they deliver on that promise remains to be seen. Doing so would be key to the future of Android.

As a consumer, the bottom line is that maybe you want an iPhone because it will age better over the years. But it would be like buying a car with resale in mind. It’s not a minor detail, but should not be the priority.

You should buy and use any phone you want. If money is tight, buy the phone you can afford. AND if you require a phone for business or creative purposes, buy one that offers the minimum features.

If you need to trade in your phone, try to wait for a good limited-time offer to come along.. Thinking about which stores to change them every one or two years, an iPhone may be the one for you.

Now that you know why used iPhones are worth more than Androids, which one do you choose?

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