There are few who wonder that are the files with extension GBR. Most likely it is a file that stores layouts of printed circuit boards. The vast majority of PCB design programs can export data from Gerber files.

On the other hand, if it is not a Gerber file, it is also possible that it is some brush used by the GIMP photo editing program, which we have talked about on several occasions. This kind of file has an image that is programmed to draw strokes on a canvas.

We can also find other uses for the GBR extension, such as in the case of Game Boy Tileset files, which can be integrated into a Game Boy, Super Game Boy and Game Boy Color.

How to open GBR files

Opening Gerber or GBR files is not too complicated, we can use different programs and, luckily, most of them are free. There are Gerber viewers such as GraphiCode GC-Prevue, PentaLogix, ViewMate and Gerbv. Several of these also allow for print and display measurements. It is even possible to use software like Altium Designer although it is not free to use.

We also have online tools to view this class of files as Reference Gerber Viewer free to use. In the case of Brush GBR it is used with GIMP and is compatible with all operating systems for computers.

Can a GBR file be converted?

It is possible to convert a GBR file, although we must know what format it is in. This is something quite important so that we are clear about which conversion program we are going to use, since the three formats that we discussed a little above are not related to each other.

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When it comes to converting Gerber files, possibly several of the programs discussed above must be capable of not only opening, but also saving files in another format. GerbView is capable of converting Gerber files to DXF, PDF, DWG, TIFF, SVG, among others, and we can achieve it through this link.

We also find Online Gerber Viewer that we can use to save GBR files in PNG image format. FlatCAM is capable of converting them to G-Code. While we can also try Cenon in case the above programs don’t work.

If we want to save GIMP GBR files in ABR to use them in Adobe Photoshop, the first thing we will have to do is convert them to PNG with the XnView software, open the PNG file in Photoshop, choose which part of the image we are going to transform into a brush. Now we proceed to create a brush from Edit > Define preset brush.

We can also convert Game Boy Tileset files to other file formats using the Game Boy Designer program. Allows saving to Z80, OBJ, C, BIN and S using the File > Export To menu.

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