We will explain quickly and easily what are md files, how to open them and convert them to other formats if necessary. A simple but quite useful guide depending on the situation.

What are MD files?

There are several different file formats that use the . Before making the decision of which program we can use to open or convert the file in question, it is important to recognize its format.

Markdown files

The .MB or .MARKDOWN file is an unformatted text file that uses the Markdown language to figure out how the document needs to be formatted. README.md, is a generic MD that generally contains plain text instructions.

SEGA Mega Drive ROM

Something very well known for those who like emulators, especially those of SEGA Mega Drive, which also use the extension. What is a ROM? It is a representation of a physical game on the console. The software emulator uses MD files to run the games on a computer.

MDCD files

When multiple files are compressed with the MDCD compressor, the result is an MDCD compressed file, which also ends in MD.

machine description

We also come across another kind of MD file that is reserved for machine description files. These are for programming and are used on various Unix systems to compile programs.

Moneydance Financial Data Files

Another file format that makes use of the MD file extension is MoneydanceFinancial Data. The MD file is responsible for storing transactions, budgets, stock information, bank accounts and various other data related to Moneydance financial software. Although this happened in the older versions, in the newer ones the .MONEYDANCE format is used.

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SharkPort save game

SharkPort save game files can also be stored with the MD extension. They are actually PlayStation 2 games that are saved on the SharkPort device and are used to copy saved games to the computer.

Open and convert MD files

This is pretty straightforward stuff, actually we can just go into Markdowntopdf from your site web that will allow us to convert this kind of files to the PDF format.

In the case of Sega ROMs, we can convert them to BIN format, for this we will have to use SBWin; once converted we can open the ROM with GensPlus or Kega Fusion.

If we talk about MDCD compressed files, the compression and decompression software mdcd10.arc is able to open them. After this, we can re-compress them into a new format with WinRAR to RAR or Zip.

PS2 Save Builder is used to open SharkPort Saved Game MD files. It is also possible to open other formats such as: PWS, MAX, CBS, PSU, NPO, SPO, SPS, P2M, XPO and XPS. The same tool can be used to convert these formats.

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