One of the most used abbreviations and jargons in chats or text messages is LMK. But,What does LMK mean?? It’s simple: Let me know. We can use it with lowercase or uppercase, it is appropriate in formal and informal conversations.

We can see it as an example in this conversation:

  • Hi Mike, are you home yet?
  • No, there is too much traffic!
  • Sorry. LMK when you arrive.
  • Sure.

As we can see in the conversation, LMK means “Let me know”, although it can also be used as we mentioned earlier Let me know. In this example, it is clear that the protagonists of this conversation will continue the same when I get home.

When did they start using LMK?

As with most internet abbreviations and jargon, it is impossible to know when it was first used on the internet. What we can assure you is that, according to Urban Dictionary, the first definition of LMK was in 2003. Little by little it gained popularity as the Internet spread around the world. Now it is normal to see it in messaging applications, social network chats, etc.

How to use LMK

We already know what LMK means, now we will have to know how we can use it. The first thing we have to be clear about is that the meaning will be the same, regardless of whether we use it in lowercase or uppercase.

Additionally, we can use LMK to make our text sound non-confrontational.

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For example, instead of sending a message like this: “Hello, I just shared with you the updated version of the design, contact me about it”.

We could use: “Hello, I have just shared with you the updated version of the design. Please LMK what you think”.

Obviously, using the abbreviation in text messages is quite simple and recommended. However, in real life we ​​don’t go saying LMK when necessary. Possibly, it is something similar to the GIF of DianaTrout that we share in this article.

Although it can be used to soften a sentence, it can also be used when we are angry. In this other GIF we can see a real life example of LMK in an aggressive way.

Although, LMK is appropriate to use in different conversations, formal and informal. We must not use other abbreviations in the same sentence such as RN, NTY or NBD, for example.

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