• Spotify introduced a feature known as Improve, whose objective is none other than to optimize our playlists, adding content that it considers that we might be interested in
  • This tool supposes not only the discovery of many songs and some artists, but also a gigantic saving of time in the conformation of our playlists, thanks to the AI

Although obviously we cannot yet say that Artificial Intelligence will replace us in almost any circumstance, it is true that, on more than one occasion, we have already experienced what it feels like to be replaced by it. There are plenty of examples of this, and If you’ve paid attention to one of the world’s leading music apps, you may have noticed the Enhance button available on Spotify. But do you know how to use it and what it is for?

Well, for those who are not so internalized about how Spotify works, the first thing to say is that playlists are a very important part of the service, allowing us to put together our own song lists. For a long time, this feature was that the user could add as many topics as they wanted, adding them directly from searches or albums, to personalize their experience.

However, the Improve button represents going a step further, since now we will not be the only ones capable of adding songs to the playlists, but rather the Artificial Intelligence systems will be available to give us a hand. Thanks to such a feature we can, precisely, improve our playlists automatically.

Enhance Spotify 2 button

This is how the Spotify Enhance button works

As we said then, the Improve button is an instrument that can be used to optimize playlists, both on iPhone and iPad mobile devices such as Android, as long as we are Premium subscribers.

When you touch the button for the first time, you’re probably going to be a little surprised at how finely tuned the mechanism is. Spotify will analyze the music in your playlists, and use that information to insert its own recommended tracks. Every two own tracks a suggested song will appearso its presence will be quite evident.

An important detail, however, is that those songs will not be added automatically, but you always have the last word on it. In fact, you must click on the “+” icon to add it permanently.

From then on, if you turn off the Enhance feature, the songs you’ve added with the + will remain. While those that you had not confirmed, will disappear. So you have control in the end.

In a nutshell, this function, which debuted at the hands of artists like Billie Eilish, is nothing more than an attempt by Spotify to reinforce the playlists of its clients, helping them to discover topics that, based on their background, they will like.

Enhance Spotify 3 button

And how to improve a Spotify playlist?

As you will see below, this process is extremely simple. It will not take you more than a couple of minutes, although everything will ultimately depend on how many playlists you want to improve.

  • On your iPhone, iPad or Android, open the Spotify app as usual
  • Navigate to one of your playlists from the Library tab
  • Select a playlist
  • Hit the Enhance button, which you’ll see at the top of the playlist itself
  • Browse through the playlists, observing the green icons that advise topics to improve them
  • Go playing the songs and, as you like them, touch the + button to add them to the list
  • If you want to remove the proposals from Spotify, turn off the function by pressing on that button again

And ready! That is all. If you consider yourself a great creator of playlists, or you play music at parties with your friends, you will surely find in this Spotify Enhance button an incredible ally for those upcoming social events.

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