• Including videos in your slides is a good way to attract the attention of clients and audiences.
  • Videos uploaded to PowerPoint presentations sometimes fail to play
  • What are the alternatives we have to fix PowerPoint videos?

Including videos in your PowerPoint slides is a great way to grab the attention of clients and audiences. Of course, if you have problems uploading these types of elements to your presentations, you are probably wondering what to do if PowerPoint does not open videos and what are the steps to follow to be able to use them.


According to most of the users affected by this problem, what happens is that PowerPoint uploads the video, but shows itself unable to play it once it appears in the document. Something that could be very frustrating.

Almost always, this inconvenience is due to the fact that they are using incompatible video formats or incorrect PowerPoint settings, so if you encounter an obstacle like the one we are describing, surely one of the solutions that we are going to indicate below will work for you. very interesting.

PowerPoint does not open videos, what to do in those situations?

Check the video format

If PowerPoint doesn’t support the video format in the presentation, the most possible symptom is that it won’t play. Consider, for example, that there are extensions such as SWF for which Office does not have support at the moment. When that is the cause of the impossibility of reproducing it, what you should do is look for a converter.

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Check video status

If PowerPoint supports the video file format, but you still can’t open it, the file may be damaged. Try opening the file outside of PowerPoint to confirm this theory, and then follow the recommendations.

There are many explanations why you can’t open a video in a PowerPoint presentation:

  • The storage location is corrupted
  • Video audio cannot be synced
  • Some files are missing from the video
  • The file is corrupt

In these cases, the easiest way to solve the problem is to re-download the video from another source.


Check video playback settings

If there are no apparent errors in the video, the next step is to check the video playback settings. There is a possibility that it is set to play or that it needs a click to play. Make sure playback is set to open the video according to your expectations.

  • Open the PowerPoint presentation and click on the video
  • On the toolbar, open the Playback tab
  • Go to the Video options menu and open the Start menu
  • Press the desired option for video playback
PowerPoint won't open videos settings

This is the way you can rest assured that the audio is not muted in PowerPoint. Within the Playback tab, click on the Volume icon and make sure you do not have Mute active.

Set PowerPoint to display video

Depending on PowerPoint’s settings, the video may not display until it starts playing. Of course you can change these settings to fit more to what you prefer for your videos.

To make the video visible, click on it and open the Playing tab and under Options, uncheck Hide while not playing. From now on, the video will be visible even if it is not playing.

PowerPoint won't open videos show

What to do if none of that works?

Insert the code of a YouTube video

If all the above is useless, it is possible to insert the code of a YouTube video to avoid problems. Unlike what happens in other programs, it is not enough to copy and paste the link, but we must completely embed the video code in the presentation, something that is not difficult to do if you follow these steps:

  • Search for the YouTube video that you want to insert via code in your presentation
  • Below the video, click Share and select Embed
  • Copy the embed code
PowerPoint won't open videos insert code
  • Already in PowerPoint, open the Insert tab, go to Media and Video
  • Select Online Videos and paste the YouTube embed code into the text field that appears
  • Click on Insert and wait for the video to load and display on the slide
PowerPoint won't open videos insert code 2

In summary, all of the above are the alternatives you have to fix a video that is not visible in PowerPoint. We hope this article has been helpful to you and If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us..

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Have you been able to solve the problem that PowerPoint does not open videos in your presentations?

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