While it is true that most current smartphones tend to offer stable performance throughout their lives, there are certain factors or reasons that could affect them. Without going any further, from time to time, we may have a Android mobile that turns itself off, for no reason. This situation can make us desperate, but still There are several solutions you can choose from. Let’s see some of them.

The first thing to say is that, unfortunately, these inconveniences tend to appear at unfortunate moments. The normal thing is that we need our telephone all day, and that the impediment of using it causes us setbacks within the routine. It is ideal, therefore, is to find an almost immediate answer.

My Android turns off by itself, what do I do?

Restart the mobile

Sure it is something that you have already tried but, if you have not done it, start by turning off and restarting the mobile.

We are not talking here about the traditional factory reset, which will come later, but about turning it off completely and restarting it. Even, it is advisable to proceed in this way, instead of using direct reboot.

If you have a phone that keeps shutting down over and over again, you may need to restart it. As silly as it may sound, turning it off and on again really works in many cases.

Charge the mobile, with its original charger

The mobile must be charged until its battery is complete, in an outlet, and with the original charger that it brings. Any other custom that we have when charging it will undermine its long-term autonomy.

In this way, if you come charging it with different habits, we recommend that you look for an original charger, or similar, and leave it plugged in to see if it reacts. If it does not revive, the charging port may be damaged.

If your mobile is compatible with wireless charging, that is a good alternative to try.

Perform a factory reset

While you may not be able to use the phone long enough to carry out this procedure, performing a factory reset may be the salvation you’ve been waiting for.

It is true that, By doing so, you will delete the applications, photos, games and settings from your Android, but we also understand that more than one will be desperate to make it work, and will already have backups on Google.

In fact, factory resets are recommended for equipment that runs smoothly, is already capable of increasing battery life, improves response times, and offers many other benefits.

If you want to try your luck, we leave you a tutorial on how to restore your Android to factory settings.

Contact the manufacturer or distributor

Contacting the manufacturer or distributor makes sense especially when there is a valid warranty. Anyway, even when it’s over, you shouldn’t lose your contacts.

These establishments may know better than anyone where to fix your Android that turns itself off.

It goes without saying that if you no longer have a valid warranty you will have to pay for it. But there are worse things.

If nothing works, maybe it’s time to buy another

Now, if none of the above works, perhaps the time has come to buy another one, and although aware that this often means spending a lot of the little money that has been saved, the truth is that we cannot remain isolated. A smartphone is a must-have investment.

A good idea, if you find yourself in these circumstances, is to look for a smartphone with hardware powerful enough to give you three or four years of use without problems, and there are already in the medium / low ranges.

You have to evaluate what your budget is and what you expect from the device, prioritizing the technical specifications that you consider most relevant in order to achieve a user experience according to your expectations.

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