• Forgetting the Apple ID password is one of the worst things that can happen to us on iPhone
  • We offer you some recommendations to recover it, whether or not you have your phone available

Those of you who are used to Apple’s operating systems will know that a large part of accessibility is subject to its Apple ID platform, which basically includes everything we are as users, from security to the personalization of our experience. Therefore, not being able to enter it is a major problem. Whenever you find yourself in that situation, and Wondering what to do when you forget your Apple ID password, you’re in luck; and it is that in this article we will review what are the tricks that you have to know.

We speak in the plural because there is no single way out of these circumstances, and that is the first big news. Since we are not aware of the Apple ID password all the time, it is possible that, after a few years, we end up forgetting it, and this prevent us from being able to sign in to a new computer and other tasks.

Forgot Apple ID Password Activation Lock

Activation Lock is a feature that is activated automatically when you activate Find My on your phone. The way we have to get out of there and into iOS is by providing both your Apple ID and password. As we said, in this article we are going to show you the way out of the problem, but before there are some tips.

First of all, you have to check your emails from applegiven that those in Cupertino regularly include your Apple ID in those communications and maybe that will help you remember your Apple ID password.

You may have your Apple ID session open on other devices, so it’s a simple trick to check it. Within the Profile section you should be able to visualize it, so it is the shortest path to recovery.

Finally, remember that you can see your Apple ID from the official Apple page for thatin this link.

How to reset Apple ID password from your iPad or Mac?

If you have an iPad or Mac, which is likely as Apple fans tend to hoard Apple products, you can get your Apple ID password with an easy procedure that takes just a few minutes:

  • On your Mac, click on the Apple logo and, among the options, select System Preferences
  • Within your profile, click on Apple ID, Password and security, and finally Change password
  • Enter your account code, the new password and confirm it so that it is applied

As you can see, It is a fairly simple trick, and you do not need to have previous knowledge about it.

What if I don’t have my iPhone or it doesn’t work?

If you don’t have an iPad or Mac, you can still get some workarounds thanks to someone else’s iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Surely you know someone else who has Apple items, so it’s a matter of contacting them directly and, once you have the Apple device, follow this tutorial that we detail:

forget password apple id 3
  • On your friend or acquaintance’s computer, install the Apple Support app from this link and open it
  • Open the app, go to Password & Security and Reset Apple ID Password
  • Enter your account email address, Next, and Phone number
  • On the back screen, go to Can’t access your Apple device
  • You should receive a code with your recovery contact number, which you will need to fill in
  • You only have to write the new password and confirm it so that it is applied
forget password apple id 4

In short, if you just forgot your Apple ID password, that does not have to be a serious problem. It is enough that you carry out some of the tricks that we develop here so that it is only a bad moment.

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Were you able to fix your forgotten Apple ID password issue with this article?

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