• Meta developers are launching news for WhatsApp, Facebook… and Instagram
  • But why aren’t Instagram Notes working? What are the causes and solutions?

All the time, Meta developers are releasing news for WhatsApp, Facebook… and Instagram. Those of the latter are especially interesting, considering that thousands of users use it daily. Considering this, and that they are one of the latest features of this social network, and you probably want to try them. But why aren’t Instagram Notes working if the platform managers announced them a while ago?

As we said, the news is that Meta presented the release of this feature and slipped that we could all access it quickly. But the days go by and many users complain on other networks, as well as on forums, which Instagram music doesn’t work as it should, or as promised it would.

The inability to add music to Instagram Notes has left many users disappointed for the time being. There are several speculations that have been made, but so far Meta has not ruled on this issue. While waiting for an official statement, there are certain leaks that invite you to guess an explanation.

Why isn’t Instagram Notes music working?

Although if Instagram Notes music is not working this can be due to various reasons, there are certain reasons that seem to be the most likely in such a situation. One of them is that, simply, the function is not yet available around the world, although according to the initial words of the developers, it should have been days ago.

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According to the information of the users themselves, Instagram Notes is currently only accessible in Europe, Japan, and a good part of the United States. That is, if you are outside of those areas, it is very possible that you do not have access to the music option in Instagram Notes. The usual path of Meta updates.

What if you are in one of those regions?

In that case, you should not rule out that the inability to add music to Instagram Notes is due to the fact that you have to update your app on iOS or Android. Updating apps is important not only for security related issues but also for functionality and benefit in receiving features.

Not having a stable Internet connection is another justification very common in these circumstances, so check how your WiFi or mobile data works if it is ideal. It analyzes its speed as its stability. A weak or unreliable Internet connection will cause loading delays, especially when playing music.

To rule out this problem, check your Internet connection. You can do a speed test if you need to.

Meanwhile, some frustrated Instagrammers have taken to Twitter to express their despair. As you can see in the above tweet, @amaniimarie is just one of many disappointed with Meta.

At the time of writing this article, Instagram has not responded nor commented anything on the subject and the hopes are no longer such around an answer. Apparently, they are letting time pass until everyone can add music to Instagram Notes without explanation. In fact, that is why we are devising individual responses.

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Are you dealing with the absence of this feature, or are you one of the lucky ones that already has it?

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