• A blocked Facebook account can be a serious inconvenience if you need it on a daily basis
  • There are multiple reasons why your handlers may think you are negative.
  • What are the main reasons for blocking and how can you recover your profile?

Although its best years are far away, millions of people continue to use this platform every day. Therefore, doubts about its operation are constantly renewed, and many users of the social network wonder in which case Facebook blocks your account, what has to happen for access to be denied. We explain it to you, and also how to recover it in the shortest possible time and thus use it again.

Of course, the first thing to remember is that Facebook takes the safety of its users very seriously. Even with the Cambridge Analytica scandal in tow, the executives of the network, led by Mark Zuckerberg, intend to assure their clients that their sensitive information is safe from malicious third parties.

In order to protect private data, the service regularly monitors the accounts of its users, looking for inconsistencies or anomalies in them, suspicious attitudes that lead them to think that whoever controls them has the objective of seizing this information to exploit it in their favor.

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But the monitoring can be wrong, and if so, your own account could end up being blocked by Facebook. When that happens, you will see the message “Your account is temporarily locked” when trying to log in. Obviously this does not happen often, but it is better that you are prepared to face such a problem.

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Why can Facebook block your account?

For security

When Facebook senses that there is someone behind an account that could endanger others, it blocks it. This happens if you send too many friend requests, if you have bots or automated software active, if you suddenly increase your post frequency considerably, if you advertise or if you impersonate another profile.

For unclear activities

Entering your Facebook credentials on some portal impersonating Facebook or logging into Facebook through a third-party tool can be an obscure activity that will lead to account lockout.

For an unknown location

Facebook monitors our IP address and login on the various devices we have in sync. Upon detecting a login in an unrelated location that is thousands of miles away, it will immediately lock your account because it will be assumed that a stranger has taken over and is using it.

Unblock a temporarily blocked Facebook account

If you experience any of the mishaps just described, and Facebook temporarily locks your account, you will have to take the trouble to follow some steps to try to get it again.

There are several ways to achieve this recognition, and we have dedicated an exclusive article to those tricks. You can recover a Facebook profile in a few steps if you heed the suggestions in the post.

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Other frequently asked questions

How do I prevent my Facebook account from being blocked?

So that none of this happens to you, first of all verify your phone number, email address and your identity with the tools that Facebook has. Once all that data is verified, they will know that you are the legitimate user of the profile, and they will be less likely to believe that you are trying to impersonate someone else..

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Of course, it is essential that you use strong passwords, which are difficult for even you to remember. Remember that long passwordswhich combine lowercase, uppercase and symbols, they are more reliable.

Finally, as a detail, a new account is more at risk of being blocked than an old account.

How long does a Facebook temporary ban last?

A Facebook temporary ban usually lasts 24-48 hours., so by following the steps that we indicate, you should recover it within that period, no more. It will be unlocked as soon as they verify that you are its owner.

What is the difference between blocking and banning?

Basically, the difference between a block and a ban on Facebook is that only the first is reversible. Don’t worry, because unless you have violated the Terms of Use, it is unlikely that you will be banned.

Have you suffered from the problem that Facebook blocks your account? How have you solved it?

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