Nothing worse than wanting to relax a bit in bed or on the sofa at home while we wait for the food to arrive with YouTube TV and find ourselves with the unpleasant surprise that it does not work How can we fix this quickly and easily? It’s not too complicated really.

YouTube TV is a service offered by YouTube where we can enjoy live television. We can find different well-known channels and networks around the world such as NBC, Fox and ESPN, among others. Something very positive about this service is that it is available on computers, mobile phones, Smart TV, Roku, Firestick and even in the soup.

But like any application it can fail and luckily, there are solutions to apply and try to leave this inconvenience behind quickly.

Fix: YouTube TV not working

reboot device

One of the simplest solutions that we can try is to restart the device. We recognize that it is something too basic, but that does not mean that on many occasions it works.

Make sure the service works

Despite the fact that YouTube is from the internet giant Google, from time to time it may experience one or another inconvenience. We have already witnessed the service drop for a few hours. Not to mention other big companies like Facebook or apps like WhatsApp that have spent a lot of time offline for different reasons.

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This is not something out of the ordinary, but it has happened before. So we recommend checking if the service works through third-party web services that are dedicated to this.

Check internet connection

When YouTube TV does not work, we will have to verify the internet connection, we know that you are connected to the network and browsing normally. The issue here is not exactly whether the internet is cut, what interests us is the speed of the internet.

We must consider that, in order to have an acceptable viewing experience, we need, even if it is 3 Mbps. In case we have problems with video playback, the first thing we will have to do is lower the video quality. If it works and reproduces without problems, then it is very likely that the source of the problem is our own connection.

Something that we must consider and it is extremely important is that, depending on the quality of video that we want to view, we are going to depend more or less on the speed of the internet connection. For example, to be able to view a 4K video we are going to need 25 Mbps or more; In the case of watching a video in Full HD, it requires a minimum of 13 Mbps. In case of watching videos in 720p, we would need a minimum of 7 Mbps of stable speed.

Restart the YouTube TV app

This is something that we will have to try, especially if we are using the app from Smart TVs or video game consoles. The only thing we will do is close the application, wait a few seconds, turn off the television or console, wait a few seconds again. After some time has passed, we will turn on the device and check if the problem persists.

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Check for new versions for the app

The lack of updating in the applications is one of the main causes of basically all the problems. And it is that obsolete software can cause a large number of inconveniences, so it is always advisable to stay updated.

Most devices are set by default to update their apps automatically. However, it may happen that one is leaked or perhaps for some reason and without realizing it, we have disabled automatic updates.

So it would not hurt to check if the application has an update available in the application store of the device we are using.

Check device limit

Like any streaming service, YouTube allows us to use YouTube TV on a limited number of devices. So, if we already have that same account running on three devices at the same time, we won’t be able to use it on a fourth device. This is a YouTube policy to ensure that a single account is not used for an entire neighborhood.

Clear cache and stored data

Depending on the device we are using, this can be done in one way or another. So we recommend searching the internet for each particular case. However, on countless occasions we have even solved problems that seemed extremely complex simply by clearing the cache and stored data.

The problem with cache and stored data is that there comes a point where so much data is stored that some of it becomes easily corrupted and that’s when the problems start. It is always recommended to delete these local files every certain amount of time. We are asked to log in again, but we will not lose personal data.

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reinstall app

If none of the above options worked. So the only alternative left for us is to simply uninstall the app and download it again. After this we will have to log in with our YouTube credentials and verify if the problem persists.

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