Looking for the best chat plugin for WordPress? Any client wants to quickly receive answers to questions related to the selection of goods, placing an order, delivery, and more. Few decide to write to the address of technical support, even less often people call. Most often, if the necessary information is not found or is completely absent on the site, visitors go to competitors. Solves the problem of online chat, providing instant assistance to the operator. But it is difficult to choose the right tool from a huge range of offers. Consider the 13 best WordPress online chat plugins you can apply today.

1. HubSpot All-In-One Marketing? One of the Best Chat Plugin for WordPress

Chat Plugin for WordPress

Free when using HubSpot CRM / Paid when expanding functionality.

HubSpot is one of the best chat plugin for WordPress in 2020 that you can use on your website. This is an all-in-one marketing WordPress plugin that integration customized targeted chats for your pages by segmenting your audience. It also helps you to collect emails when the support team is offline. It has an in-built CRM that keeps track of all the customer records with proper chat history. Another best thing about this tool is its mobile application.

2. SnapEngageThe trial version of 7 days is free / From $ 16 per month per user with a minimum of 3 users.

SnapEngage is another powerful chat plugin for WordPress that allows multi-channel chat support. Some of the channels that you can use are Twitter, WeChat, Zalo, and Facebook. You can send messages to your potential clients by grabbing their phone numbers. It enhances the chat support with direct reply feature to each and every message you receive. Thus acting as a callback order function.

3. Tawk.To Live Chat

Free / $ 15 per month for hiding the logo of Tawk.To.

This is one of my preffered chat plugin for WordPress, Tawk.to. The best part about this tool is that most of the features are available on the Free version. So if you are low on budget, I would highly suggest you use Tawk.ti. Other features include automatic triggering of messages to faqs. You can simply set some default answers to some of your general questions and it will act like a BOT. Another additional feature is their HIRE CHAT AGENT. If you are a solopreneur or have a small team you can hire live chat agents for as low as $1/hr. You can simply train those agents and they will chat on your behalf.

4. Zendesk Chat

Chat Plugin for WordPress

Free Lite version / From $ 14 per user per month when choosing a premium plan.

Zendesk Chat is one of the most widely used chat plugin for WordPress. Zendesk has some decent chat styling templates. If the page lasts longer than a minute, an automatic greeting pops up in the chat window. Some additional tools include monitoring and call statistics. You can also assign bots that will grab a user?s data when the support system is offline.

5. Pure Chat

Chat Plugin for WordPress

Free for 1 site and 3 users / From $ 39 per month with enhanced functionality.

Pure Chat provides an automatic start of a conversation with visitors and the setting of standard answers to popular questions. You can target based on the time you view or visit specific pages. Visitors can choose a convenient way of contact: chat, e-mail, phone, Twitter, etc. The design of the chat can be changed at your discretion.

6. Drift

Chat Plugin for WordPress

Free basic version / From $ 50 per month for additional features.

Drift is another widely used chat plugin for WordPress that allows you to attract your page traffic to engage with itself and collect leads. With a creative welcome message, Drift allows you to collect leads even when the support system is offline. Automatic responses can be configured and the support system can work as a bot thereby collecting free leads. Another special feature of Drift includes its support for iOS and Android mobile phones, simply download the app and configure your account and you are good to go.

7. Tidio Live Chat

Chat Plugin for WordPress

Free minimum plan for 3 users / PRO account from $ 15 per month.

Tidio integrates chat, Facebook Messenger, and email communications. You can start a conversation from one channel and continue on another. Automatic messages and chat bots increase the effectiveness of the tool. The translation plugin supports many different languages. Chat design is available in three options and brand colors can be customized.

8. LiveChat

Free fully functional version 30 days / From $ 16 per month per user.

LiveChat chat plugin for WordPress allows you to send a welcome chat message thus starting conversations. You can collect the chat feedback by simply throwing a survey to the customer after the chat has ended. It has an integrated multi-tasking system that allows you to transfer chats to supervisors. You can also upload files, configure answers to fags, and also view clients? messages.

9. Olark

Free trial 2 weeks / From $ 17 per month per user.

Olark is another great chat plugin for WordPress that with a javascript code. Some features include shooting welcome messages, initiating automatic chats, collect leads, and a rating system. You can create groups or teams, thus allowing multi-level access to other operators. One special feature of Olark is that it reports the real-time view of a visitor. Showing some additional aspects like the visitor?s behavior, his cart, his current view page thereby allowing more accuracy with answers.

10. Live Chat by Formilla

Free version for 30 chats per month / Full functionality from $ 11.99 per user per month.

In Live Chat by Formilla- chat plugin for WordPress, you can monitor site visits and start a conversation. Broadcast chat is available to all agents, so any free operator can answer. Conversation history and customer data are stored in reports. It is possible to configure auto messages and enable the bot after hours. The widget is adaptive to different devices. In terms of Premium, there are mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, and Android that allow you to communicate with customers.

11. WP Live Chat Support

Free / $ 49 one-time fee for expanding the functionality.

The free version of WP Live Chat is not limited by the number of simultaneous chats. You can also customize your chat widget?s appearance. Messages received during chat disconnection are saved. Compatible with translation plugins and Google Analytics. You can add polls, request mail, show chat only to registered users. In the paid version, you can configure automatic responses, track visitors? messages before sending, send a chat to other operators.

12. Facebook Chat for WordPress

Chat Plugin for WordPress

$ 25 for a license + 6 months of technical support / + $ 7.5 for an additional six months of support.

Facebook Chat is a chat plugin for WordPress that allows you to communicate with visitors through the inbound messages of your Facebook page. The tool collects user profile data, saves the communication history, and has a ?Like? button. Chat is not limited by the number of simultaneous conversations and bandwidth. To start using it is enough after installation to specify the URL of your page on Facebook.

13. Casengo Live Chat Support

Free trial for 14 days / From ? 29 per user per month.

Casengo chat plugin for WordPress integrates with Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. You can communicate with customers at their place of presence. You can set up automatic messages and start a conversation after 5 seconds of the visitor?s stay on the site. The operator gets complete access to visitors? behavior, his current view, and status. It allows multi-level to chat by transferring chats between the support staff. Reports help you track overall tool performance.

If your WordPress site still does not have online chat, it?s time to take a look at the best plugins and choose the best option for your business from them. Remember that the faster the visitor receives an answer, the greater the chance of turning it into a client.

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