Creating a restore point in Windows 11 is one of those basic tutorials you should know about the latest Microsoft OS. It is a procedure that comes from several generations ago within the environments developed by the people of Redmond, and it could be of great use, for example, when performing precise actions, such as restoring the factory settings of Windows 11 .

From this, we want to show you the details of the steps that you will have to follow in these circumstances, thus creating a restore point, the name that is given to the last instance where all the system settings were stored, to return to that place or time in case something goes wrong.

Now that you are clear why this is an extremely important trick, and that you have confirmed that it is still available in the upgrade to Windows 11, let’s see how to do it step by step, so that there are no doubts.

Why should you create restore points?

As we said before, it is essential that from time to time you take the trouble to create system restore points, considering that if something were to fail, you could always go back there, and restart your PC without great losses.

The drawback that we are going to find in this regard in Windows 11 is that, by default, the creation of restore points is disabled, so before proceeding with them we will have to activate it.

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To enable this function, you have to press the Windows key or click on the start button, typing “Restore point”, and pressing Enter, or clicking on the first result that will appear in the list.

The System Properties window will automatically open, and you should look for the System Protection tab. Go to Configure, which will distinguish it because it has a specific button, and establishes an amount of disk space available for your backups, where you will see an amount originally allocated by Windows 11.

If you have plenty of disk space, we recommend that you be generous and expand it, or reduce it if you think that the space allocated by Windows could cause problems. In any case, your calculations are usually correct.

Beyond that, the really essential thing is that you leave that System Restore function enabled.

restore point Windows 11 2

Create a restore point in Windows 11 step by step

Now that you have enabled System Restore on your Windows 11 computer, we are ready to create a restore point. Click the Create button and follow the instructions on the screen.

Typically, the first thing you need to do is enter a name for the restore point. This will serve to give you an exact idea of ​​what condition your computer was in when doing it. For example, “Office installed successfully”.

When you have assigned it a name, you have to click on the Create button. A progress bar will show you how the process is progressing. It will have an estimated delay of several minutes, in consideration of the size of the point.

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When this process is finished, you will see a message that the restore point has been created successfully, and that means that if something bad happens to your computer, you will not lose anything you saved.

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