A few days ago we explained how to download Windows 11 beta step by step and, since then, the questions about the different tutorials that allow us to obtain a more personalized experience within this new operating system have multiplied. Well, as in previous generations of this one, it is possible to change Administrator in Windows 11. And in the following lines we are going to show you how to do it.

The first thing you have to know, of course, is that an Administrator account in Windows offers all kinds of benefits that other user accounts, the standard ones, cannot. Among those benefits, or permissions, we have some fundamental ones, such as access to security settings, software installation on the computer, modification of system keys, and many others.

In any case, the interesting thing is that, after adding a user account to a PC with Windows 11, always you can set that new profile to be the Administrator, thus displacing the one who was originally.

What to know before assigning a new Administrator in Windows 11?

Before assigning a new Administrator in Windows 11, it would be convenient for you to know some questions, since some of them could lead to desisting from doing so. There are not many, so better review them before.

First, the new accounts created are standard type, so their privileges are shortened, and you can only run applications, perform basic tasks, and apply changes to your own settings.

In the second instance, Administrators really have much more power than other users, since they can completely affect the experience of others, to the point of eliminating their presence on the computer.

To this we must add, of course, that only an Administrator is in a position to declare an Administrator to another account that is not. Therefore, you need to enter an Administrator account to perform this trick.

With these clarifications made, you may also be interested in deleting the original Administrator account, and that is feasible, as long as you first enter from a second account to which the administration has been assigned.

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Change the Administrator in Windows 11 step by step

Through Settings

As easy as this you can change the Administrator in Windows 11 through Settings.

  • Open your PC Settings by pressing the Windows + I keys
  • In that panel go to Accounts, and then to Family and other users
  • Choose an account to go from Standard to Administrator
  • Approve the change in Account Options
  • Give it Administrator permissions

Through the Control Panel

The Control Panel is another one of those perfect solutions when modifying the Administrator of the computer.

  • Open the Control Panel of your computer
  • Enter User Accounts
  • Manage another account
  • In this section, go to Change account type
  • Choose an account to go from Standard to Administrator
  • Approve the change in Account Options
  • Give it Administrator permissions

Through the user accounts panel

Although it is a somewhat more complicated procedure, the user accounts panel allows this customization.

  • Open Run by pressing the Windows + R keys
  • There type “netplwiz” and press Enter
  • Select the account to change
  • Click Properties
  • Search in the Group Membership section
  • Select this account as Administrator
  • Click Apply

Have you been able to change the Administrator in Windows 11 with these step by step?

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