This post shows the steps for students and new users to change or update the country or region when using Windows 11. Windows supports multiple countries and regions, which will influence the way date / time data types appear , numeric, and currency when you apply the formatting options.

Windows also supports a variety of languages, so choosing the correct country and region will also select the correct currency and supported date / time formats for those regions and languages.

The steps below will show you how to easily change your locations in Windows so that documents, programs, and other data that depend on your location settings can be formatted correctly.

If you are a student or new user looking for a Windows computer to use, the easiest place to start is Windows 11. Windows 11 is a major version of the Windows NT operating system developed by Microsoft. Windows 11 is the successor to Windows 10 and was released on October 5, 2021.

How to choose the country and region in Windows 11

As mentioned above, the country and region you select in Windows will influence how the date / time, numeric, and currency data types appear when you apply the formatting options.

Here’s how to change this setting.

Windows 11 has a centralized location for most of its settings. From system settings to creating new users and updating Windows, everything can be done from your System settings crystal.

To access the System Settings, you can use the Windows key + i shortcut or click Start ==> Settings as shown in the following picture:

windows 11 startup settings

Alternatively, you can use the search box on the taskbar and find Settings. Then select to open it.

The Windows settings panel should look similar to the image below. In Windows settings, click Time and language, Select Language and region on the right panel of the screen shown in the image below.

change screen language windows 11

About him Language and region configuration panel, below Region, click on the Country or region mosaic and choose which country you are in.

The region format is automatically selected based on the country or region selection. However, if there are multiple data formats for a particular country or region, you can select the Regional format together with the selection of the country.

change the country and region of windows 11

Changes should be saved immediately. Now you can exit the Windows Settings application.

You should do that!


In this tutorial we have seen how to choose the country or region when using Windows 11. If you find any errors above or have something to add, use the comment form below.

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