Change the theme of the Interface from Windows 11 It is something quite simple that we can do from the configuration options. The new version of Microsoft’s operating system itself brings a new and complete interface that is very different from what Windows 10 would be.

But if the interface that Windows 11 brings by default does not completely convince you, we can easily change the theme, following the guide that we are going to leave a little below.

Change the theme of the Windows 11 interface

Select topics.

In order to change the theme of the Windows 11 interface, the first thing we will have to do is go to Settings. Once we are in the configuration section, we will have to select “Personalization” in the left sidebar. On the right side, we can see at a glance the “Themes” section.

Find more themes in Microsoft Store.

Here we are going to see all the themes that are available to change the Windows 11 interface, we can choose the one we want according to our preferences. Another thing we can do is click Browse Topics to get more information and new templates from the Microsoft Store.

Download new Windows 11 themes for the interface.

In the Microsoft store, we can find an infinity of completely free themes to be able to apply to our Windows 11.

We downloaded a new Windows 11 theme.

To do so, we will simply have to click on the one we like and we will get a preview of it. If we like it, we can click on download.

Contrasts of the installed theme.

We can even customize it much more, for this we are going to go to Settings> Accessibility and in the menu on the left we select “Contrast themes” or we can go to Personalization> Themes> Contrast themes.

We customize the new Windows 11 interface theme.

Now we are going to have to open the Contrast Themes drop-down menu and choose one of those that are available.

We can also choose the color we want to apply, to give it a more unique and personalized touch. To finish, we are simply going to click on “Save” and then on “Apply”.

In this simple way we have already managed to change the theme of the Windows 11 interface. As you can see, we not only have many available, we can also download many more from the same Microsoft store.

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