At the time we analyzed why professionals will want a MacBook Pro 2021, and the truth is that, beyond particular models, we know that these teams are very well regarded, especially for their power and stability. That said, if you’ve just switched to Apple computers but are still not 100% used to its features, you’d better keep reading, to learn how to copy and paste on Mac step by step.

As we said, those users who have just landed on MacOS after previous experiences only with Microsoft’s Windows operating systems, may wonder how to perform two basic actions like these. And it is that, from the copy and paste, we can significantly increase our productivity.

The interesting thing is that, if you are used to that combination of Windows keys, in MacOS it is not more difficult.

How to Copy and Paste on Mac in Seconds

Let’s see then how to copy and paste on Mac step by step, but since before learning how to do something, you must learn to reverse it, take a look at how to undo an action on Mac, in case you regret it.

Using keyboard shortcuts

As we said, although there are things in which Windows and MacOS differ a lot, this is not one of them. They exist on macOS keyboard shortcuts that make it easy to copy and paste text, media, or files.

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Once you have selected the item (s) in question, you can copy them by pressing Command + C. Copied the content, you can paste it wherever you want, by pressing Command + V.

Then, in the event that you are copying text, and it seems essential that not only the text is copied, but also its style and characteristics, you have to press Command + Shift + V to replicate it exactly.

Using the mouse and menus

If for some reason you don’t want to use the keyboard shortcuts, which is the solution that we in particular recommend, always you also have the possibility to use the mouse and contextual menus.

First of all, you have to use the mouse to select or highlight content, which can be a paragraph of text, a single file, a folder in the Finder application. Basically, you can copy whatever you want.

Next, right click with the mouse or trackpad to open the context menu, and select Copy. You can also go to the toolbar on the top bar of the screen and select Edit, Copy.

In any case, once you have copied the item, go where you should paste it, and right click again with the mouse or trackpad. There, it only remains to click on the Paste option, or Edit, Paste in the bar.

copy paste Mac 2

How to copy and paste between iPhone, iPad and Mac

Now that you have those essential knowledge we discussed, there is an advanced tip that can be interesting for those integral Apple customers, who in addition to a Mac have an iPhone and / or an iPad.

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If you are using recent versions of MacOS operating systems, and you have your iPhone or iPad updated to the latest versions of iOS and iPadOS, you can easily copy and paste text thanks to the universal clipboard.

Best of all, you hardly need to do anything to prepare this possibility, considering that the aforementioned Universal Clipboard it should work automatically, if everything is connected to the same WiFi network.

For example, if you have a photo copied to your iPhone, and you go to your Mac, you can paste it directly, without bureaucracy. You will see a progress bar that will make it clear how long until the procedure is finished, and voila.

Needless to say, the procedure works the same with other types of files, not just images.

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