This publication shows students and new users the steps to copy or transfer files from a USB stick or USB memory drive to a Windows 11 computer. A USB drive or laptop is a common way to transfer files from one computer to another. easily.

Windows 11 supports many types of USB and portable drives. From USB 2.0 / 3.0 to USB-C to pen drive and more, depending on whether your computer has an external USB port or adapters available.

Many computers already have built-in USB ports available. You can buy an external adapter if your computer doesn’t have enough USB ports available. Once a USB drive is connected to your computer, make sure it is properly connected and working.

The new Windows 11, when it is released generally for everyone, will come with many new features and improvements that will work great for some and add some learning challenges for others. Some things and settings have changed so much that people will have to learn new ways of working and managing Windows 11.

Don’t be afraid to use Windows 11, we will show you how to use it and help you copy your files from your memory cards or USB drives easily.

To start transferring your files from USB drive to Windows 11, follow the steps below.

How to transfer files from a USB flash drive to Windows 11

Once you have the correct USB ports available for the flash drive with your files, insert the drive into the USB port. A USB-C drive goes into the USB-C port and USB 2.0 / 3.0 goes into the standard USB port.

Depending on the configuration of your computer, Windows 11 will notify you to choose what to do with the files, similar to the notification below.

Select to choose what happens to removable drives

Then a new pop-up window should appear with options on what to do with the inserted drive. At this point, click Open the folder to view files.

In some cases, you may not receive a message and File Explorer will automatically open and show you the contents of the drive. If File Explorer doesn’t open the memory card or drive automatically, click This PC on the left, then double-click a newly connected drive with a letter me, F, GRAM or H?

At this point, you can choose to transfer a single file or all files from the memory card to your computer. If you are transferring the entire file, press CTRL + A on your keyboard to select the entire file. You can also read this post to learn how to select files.

Once you have selected the file or all files, press the Windows wrench

Press the Windows keyand me on your keyboard. A new File Explorer window will open. Just find the place where you want to put the copied files, then press the CTRL + V on your keyboard to paste the files.

You can also use the mouse to select and copy / paste files in Windows 11. Read the post below to learn how to select items in Windows 11 for copy and paste.

You should do that.


In this tutorial we have seen how to transfer files from USB flash drive to Windows 11 PC. If you find any errors above, please use the comment form below to report.


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  2. When you copy files to your pc, does a copy stay on the flash drive???

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