We have already been talking a lot about Windows 11 and its details, which has generated enormous enthusiasm in many of the readers, and the demand that we review what are the steps to follow to have this new version of Microsoft’s operating system . That said, if you are among those people, then we will show you how to download Windows 11 beta step by step so that you have a first look at the next computer environment of the people of Redmond.

Indeed, so far what we have is the official announcement of Windows 11, in addition to a series of system requirements, and the possibility of accessing a preview if we want to test its characteristics and operation.

Updated requirements to install Windows 11

Precisely in this sense we must stop first, because Microsoft has reported an update in the requirements of Windows 11, which will allow some users who did not think they would have the chance to try it, they can do it. That said, it will require, as we knew, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage, UEFI secure boot and TPM 2.0. And the processors must be 64-bit.

Along these lines, detailed lists have been offered about which Intel, AMD and Qualcomm processors are compatible with this new version of Windows, something that you can review in this official blog post.

Having clarified this initially, to download the Windows 11 beta you will need a home computer that is compatible with Windows 10 requirements, plus a stable connection.

Likewise, we do not advise you to install Windows 11 on the device you use every day because, since it is precisely a beta version, you could experience some serious malfunctions.

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Download Windows 11 beta through the Windows Insider program

Already confirmed then that Microsoft will begin releasing Windows 11 on October 5, we can save about a month of waiting if we choose to download its beta through the Windows Insider program.

And while it is also possible to install Windows 11 from a USB, we believe that with Windows Insider it is easier.

  • Visit the Windows Insider program page
  • Sign in with your regular Microsoft account
  • Now join the insider trading program
  • Proceed to download Windows 11 via Windows Update
  • Once finished, go to your PC Settings, to Update and security
  • Select the Windows Insider program tab and click Start
  • You will be asked to link an account, and you have to add yours from Microsoft
  • Indicates that the update occurs from the Beta channel
  • Go to Check for updates within this channel
  • Start the Windows 11 download
  • Upon completion, reboot

Once you have completed all these steps, you should have Windows 11 running on your computer.

Then there are some final considerations to keep in mind, like if you’re running the system on a hard drive instead of an SSD, that installation could experience unexpected delays. Likewise, it will be of great importance that wait for it to finish, and don’t interrupt it for any reason.


At least until now, Windows 11 has proven to be an unstable operating system, but still allowed to be used. If you do not mind having to endure some inconvenience from time to time, and you think it is more useful to be able to enjoy the advances of this update, you can install it on a secondary computer.

If you are not in a hurry, perhaps the best thing to do is wait for the official distribution of this operating system.

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