If your Windows 11 PC has been running for a long time or you’re having problems, one thing you can do is do a factory reset. You can do this by using the “Reset this computer”Introduced in earlier versions of Windows. You can still reset your PC in Windows 11, but the process has changed.

Here’s how to use the “Reset this computer”Keeping the files or deleting everything and starting from scratch.

How to Factory Reset a Windows 11 PC

To reset your Windows 11 PC, start by pressing the Windows key and opening the Setting. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut on the Windows key + I to open the settings directly.

Once the settings are open, click System> Recovery.

Now, in the “Recovery options” section, click the button Reset computer.

The following screen will open and give you the following two options:

  • Cloud download: Download a fresh copy of the Windows 11 installation files from the cloud to reinstall the operating system. Note that this does not restore the utilities, applications, and other settings that came with the PC when you purchased it.
  • Local reinstallation: This uses the files already available to reinstall the PC from a particular disk partition. This will restore any OEM tools that came pre-installed with the PC.

The option you choose is determined by what you want to do with the PC. If you are going to fix a problem but keep your files, you will probably want to use “Local Reinstall”. But if you are going to sell your device or want to start from scratch, the “Download in the cloud” is the best option.

Ready to restart Windows 11

Now, check the applications to reinstall after the restart and click the button Next.

Follow the instructions of the on-screen wizard. You may get a warning message that your PC has recently been updated, and you will not be able to undo the changes.

Finally, you will receive a message informing you of what your PC reset will do. It will change settings to Windows 11 default settings, keep personal files, reinstall Windows 11, etc.

Click the button Restore to continue.

The time it takes varies depending on the amount of data, the hardware, and the speed of connectivity. During the reset a progress message will be displayed. Keep in mind that your computer will restart a few times to complete the process.

Steps to follow after a PC restart

After the reboot, you’ll want to check for updates by going to Settings> Windows Update> Check for updates. After getting the latest security patches and driver updates (if any are available), you can check for missing drivers through Device Manager in the Control Panel.

Press the Windows key on the keyboard and writes: device administrator, and hit Enter or click the first result in the search list. If you are missing drivers, check the manufacturer’s support site and download and install the drivers you need.

The PC reset function is essential whether you are troubleshooting a major problem or selling or giving away your Windows 11 system. And for more tips on how to handle Windows 11, take a look at how to customize the taskbar.

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