• Office is one of the products that we could consider essential on any Windows computer, and yet, during the installation process, it is possible that we run into some obstacle
  • In those cases, there are a series of solutions that we must consider to get out of trouble, which we are going to review below, in strict order, to see if you can get out of this big mess

Beyond the fact that it has more and more competition, with platforms such as Google Workspace, there is no doubt that the Microsoft office suite is one of the essential services that Windows operating systems bring. Starting from that undeniable reality, we should know how to fix those common problems when activating Office.

Therefore, one of the first things we usually do as computer users is to activate this package. Regardless of whether we use Windows 10 or if we already have Windows 11, we may receive a message indicating that there is an error during the procedure, and this is exactly where we try to stop.

In fact, we are going to review some of the most recommended solutions for those cases in which you are prevented from being able to install Office in Windows 10 or Windows 11and that you should follow in the same order.

The error message when installing Office on Windows

We’re having trouble activating Office
This may be due to a temporary network or service issue. Please make sure you are connected to the Internet. We’ll activate Office for you when the issue is resolved.

The above is exactly the message we get when something is not working right when installing Office on PC. As Microsoft saysit may be due to a network problem or a temporary service that is not working. Obviously, we have some possible explanations there, but sometimes we need to go further.

fix problems activating Office 2

Solutions to problems installing Office

Activate Microsoft Office 2021 or Office 365

Assuming that the Microsoft Office activation servers are working, but you continue to receive this annoying message, we suggest that your first action is to solve the problem by following the classic instructions for activating Microsoft Office 2021 or Office 365, since there are usually all the answers to the questions.

Check network connections

As Microsoft points out, many times it can be a network connection problem, which will have to be reviewed and ruled out in a timely manner before continuing. It is enough to check it in any of the already known ways.

In any case, you should use the Windows Internet Connection Troubleshooter. When this does not work, you should perform a network reset, to see if that does work.

Run Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant

As if to fix problems when activating Office, those from Redmond provide us with some of their own tools. We have, without going any further, Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant, which works in many cases. We must run it if we cannot complete the installation of Office or any associated failure.

Do you have a product license?

No one ignores that a product license is required to be able to use these Microsoft services, such as Office. You will have to acquire it by paying for it or, otherwise, you will only be able to try its applications for a short time. Eventually, you may receive an interesting offer, such as saving on the purchase of Office.

On the other hand, although we won’t cover them here, there are ways to legally use Microsoft Office without paying, especially when it comes to older versions, those that have been released over time.

fix problems activating Office 1

Contact Microsoft support

If you’ve exhausted all the instances listed here, and nothing seems to work, it might be a good idea to contact the people at Microsoft Support, who will always have an answer for you.

Other frequently asked questions

Why can’t I activate my Office account?

If you find that you can’t activate your Office account, the next thing is to try to open any of your applications, and if it still does not activate, run an online repair, with the option Repair an Office applicationwhich acts directly on the incomplete installation process, in the search for an alternative.

How do I force activation of Office 365?

Is there any way to force activate Office 365 on both Windows 10 and Windows 11, like this:

  • Open any of the Office applications, such as Microsoft Excel or Word
  • A pop-up window will ask you to sign in
  • Enter your credentials, and choose a license
  • Follow the steps from there

Have you been able to fix the most common problems that appear when activating Office in Windows?

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