Search engines are extremely important on many platforms, although sometimes it is not necessary to use the function in question. This is the case of the Windows operating system, on many occasions we rarely use it. For this reason, we have the option of hide the button from search on the bar from chores from Windows 11.

How to hide the search icon on the Windows 11 taskbar

Actually, removing the search icon from the taskbar in the new version of Windows is extremely simple. All we have to do is right click on the search button (the icon is shaped like a magnifying glass) and it is located at the bottom of the screen. A small option will appear saying “Hide from taskbar.”

Taskbar settings.

This way the search button will disappear from the taskbar immediately.

Hide search button on Windows 11 taskbar.

As an alternative, we can do the same from Windows Settings. The first thing we will do is go to Windows Settings by pressing the Windows key + i and we will have to go to Personalization> Taskbar. In the “Taskbar elements” section we will have to click on the switch that is on the right side of the “Search” option to click it and in this way it is deactivated.

After this, we will close the Windows Settings and the search button has completely disappeared from the taskbar. Similarly, if we press “Windows + S” we can continue searching the operating system.

How to enable the icon to search the taskbar in Windows 11

In case we want to see the icon again on the taskbar, we will simply have to right-click on the taskbar in an empty space. Then we will have to select “Taskbar Configuration”.


This will automatically take us to Personalization> Taskbar where we can search in “Taskbar elements” for the “Search” option and activate it from the switch on the right side.

Activate or enable search in the taskbar.

As you can see it is extremely simple and above all very fast, the disable or enable search button from the bottom of the new Microsoft operating system.

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