You may want to test the new version of the operating system before updating. That is why we are going to teach you how to install Windows 11 on Oracle VM VirtualBox, even for those Linux users who want to try the new version of the OS.

Install Windows 11 on Oracle VM VirtualBox

Obviously before starting with the Windows 11 installation in VirtualBox hardware virtualization needs to be enabled. In addition, we need the official Windows 11 ISO that we can get from the Microsoft website.

Once the previous steps are completed, we will have to download VirtualBox from your Web For those who are on Ubuntu, they must execute the following command in the terminal: sudo apt install VirtualBox

Create a new virtual machine

Create virtual machine
  • We open Oracle VM VirtualBox
  • We click on “New”.
  • Next, we will have to assign a name to it; for example, “Windows 11” and we will have to set the Type in Microsoft Windows, the version in Windows 10 (32 bits) and we click next.
  • Now as for the memory size, we will have to choose 4000 MB or more.
  • We will select “Create a virtual hard disk” and then we click on “Create”.
  • Now, we choose VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image) and choose “dynamically assigned”.
  • We will have to give VirtualBox some space on the hard drive by using the slider and then clicking on “Create”.

Start the virtual machine and boot from the Windows 11 ISO file

Start virtual machine.

We can see the virtual machine that we have created on the left side of the window. To be able to start it, we will simply click on the “Start” or “Start” button at the top right.

install Windows 11.

Next, we will click on the icon in the form of a folder and then on “Add”, we will have to find the Windows 11 ISO and select it.

Install Windows 11 in VirtualBox

How to install Windows 11 VirtualBox

To install Windows 11 in VirtualBox, we are going to follow these steps.

  • We click on “Install now”.
  • Then we will select the language, date and time format, touch or input method and we will click “Next”.
  • As we are installing it to test it, we are going to choose that we do not have a product key.
  • We will select the version of Windows 11 that we want to install.
  • We accept the license and we click Next.
  • We click on “Custom” and choose “Install Windows only.”
  • Then we give “Next” and we wait.

That would be it, in this way we have managed to install Windows 11 in VirtualBox in an extremely easy way.

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