To open images side by side in Windows 11 to compare them is something extremely simple. We have a feature that comes from previous versions of the operating system that is too simple to use. In this way we can position a photo or image next to the other. Best of all? This method works even with other kinds of files and even with programs or applications.

Open pictures or photos side by side in Windows 11

The first thing we will have to do is open the File Explorer to locate the images that we want to open side by side. Then we are going to right click on one of these photos and choose “Open” and “Photos”. We proceed to do the same with the other image that we want to be located next to the first.

So we can open images side by side.

Once the two images are open, we are going to select one of these files to be able to view them on the screen, we select one of the open photos so that it appears on the screen. Next, we are going to have to press the “Windows + left arrow” keys; When we do it on the right side, the option to choose another window will appear, it can be any that we have open, so we choose the other image that we open.

In this way both images will appear side by side in Windows 11. This is very interesting and above all, very easy. Especially since we can use this function with any other kind of files and even programs.

We can open two browsers or, for example, Chrome and Word, press Windows + the arrow for any direction and that window will be positioned in the indicated position; Windows will automatically allow us to choose which other window we want to position on the other side.

We open a game next to YouTube.

This option works even in various video games. Let’s pretend that we are looking for objects in an MMORPG (Something tedious, slow and boring) we can divide the windows and put YouTube videos in one of the others, as if to be able to entertain ourselves while we do it.

We can even open two Excel files and buy notes or calculations. In short, we can do a lot thanks to this very simple function.

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