Through the start menu we can find all the applications that we have installed in Windows, the problem is that the Windows 11 start menu is slightly different from its predecessor. So let’s see how to quickly locate apps at menu from Windows 11 startup in the fastest possible way, something that would be ideal for those people who have many applications or programs installed on their computer.

The guide is really very simple and in a matter of a few seconds you will have the ability to locate your applications quickly, it is something too easy.

Quickly locate all start menu apps in Windows 11

The process to quickly find all the applications in the Windows 11 start menu is the same as we use in Windows 10, for this we will have to do the following.

  • The first thing we will do is click on the start button.
Windows 11 Applications
  • Then, in the upper right corner, we will find an option called all applications, we will have to click on that option.
  • This will allow us to see a list of all the applications found in the operating system.
  • In order to classify them in alphabetical order, we will have to click on any letter in the list; for example, we will click on the letter A.
Search applications.
  • When we do, an alphabetical list will open to access the applications. Now you can quickly access any of them.
  • For example, if we want to access Microsoft Edge, then we will have to press on the letter M to open all the apps that start with that letter. If we want to enter WhatsApp Web, we will do the same, but with the W.
Select letter.
  • Following this example we are going to select the letter M and then we choose Microsoft Edge.
In this way we can locate applications Windows 11 start menu.

Another option to quickly find applications in Windows 11, is simply pressing Start and then typing the name or part of the name of the application in question. This is ideal, since many computers have hundreds of applications installed on them. On many occasions, finding the application we need can be something that takes time.

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