A good search should not only be inherent in all search services, but it is also a sign of the quality organization of the site. There are many WordPress Search Plugins for 2020, but only a few deserve to be mentioned here.

Undoubtedly, a convenient search on the site attracts visitors and increases its attendance and the time that people spend on the site. It will help to improve the behavioural factor on your website. The standard WordPress search function, although constantly improved, still leaves much to be desired. This article describes WordPress search plugins to help solve this problem.

1. Swiftype Search? Best WordPress Search Plugin

WordPress Search Plugins

Swiftype is a relatively new WordPress search plugin.

Here are some of its features:

  • A cloud service that does not overload your server
  • Highly relevant search results.
  • Analytics of what users are looking for
  • Autocomplete function
  • Manual override for search results.

The plugin sends content indicators of your WordPress site to Swiftype servers, allowing you to not overload your server, and does not use MySQL at all, which can significantly speed up the search process.

Swiftype Search replaces the standard WordPress search with a more convenient search service, which is fully customizable through the Swiftype control panel.

Over a sufficiently long period of time, the Swiftype service collects data and stores it in the Swiftype control panel. You can analyze them and, if you want, manually make changes to the search results.

In order to use this plugin, you will need to register an account. The control panel will provide you with analytics data, and you can add tweaks to your search engine. 

2. Yolink Search

WordPress Search Plugins

Yolink Search is a paid WordPress search plugin, but it has options and free use. If you use it on a personal site, your site?s traffic is less than 5000 visitors per month and there is no advertising on the site, you can use it for free. In short, this plugin is free for personal sites, and paid tariffs start at $ 60 per year.

yolink Search is a powerful WordPress plugin that will help you optimize your search on the site, increase the time visitors spend on your site and help improve SEO website optimization for search engines.

Here are some of the benefits of using yolink WordPress search plugin:

  • Uses its own server search, without affecting the speed of your site
  • Beautifully highlights words in search results
  • Has the ability to simultaneously conduct multiple search options
  • Related articles are displayed with blog posts.
  • Improved functionality for large business sites (paid version).

The negative aspects are the need to create an account to use yolink Search on your site, as well as the fact that when you use the free version of this plugin, you lose a lot of support. The staff is not too willing to answer questions related to WordPress, especially from the Russian-speaking population of the planet.

3. Relevanssi

Relevanssi has been used for quite some time now, so it is a well-maintained and regularly updated WordPress search plugin. Immediately after installing it, you will need to configure your search metrics. Relevanssi, unlike the previous two plugins, does not use cloud-based search services, so it can work a little slower.

Relevanssi replaces the standard WordPress search with its own search, sorting the results by relevance. It also indexes comments and shortcode content.

The plugin has good configuration options that could be more conveniently organized, but in general there are no problems with the settings.

There are several features of the plugin:

  • No registration required
  • There is a search by comments, tags, sections, custom fields
  • Search hints available
  • Posts are highlighted by search criteria.
  • It is possible to exclude posts, pages, tags or sections from the search
  • There is a search on a part of a word if there are no full words

You can change the index of your post title, comment text, tags, and sections, depending on what you think is most important. If you are not satisfied with the free version of the plugin, there is a premium version.

Now we will talk about plugins offered on CodeCanyon. These are the best WordPress search plugins you can find on Envato.

4. Profi Search Form

Profi Search Form has very convenient settings. This WordPress search plugin is compatible with WooCommerce for search phrases that stand out in the search results.

You can use it anywhere on your site, as it includes a widget and shortcode options.

Filtering is carried out in the following categories:

  • Custom fields
  • Sections
  • Post Types
  • Range Sliders
  • Search by map.

This plugin will improve the functionality and usability of your WordPress site. Your WooCommerce online store will become much easier for buyers, and your customers will have a convenient search for the necessary product.

Profi Search Form includes:

  • Full-text search with highlighting results
  • Setting options
  • Select a range to search for numerical values, such as prices, square meters, etc.
  • Input fields for min / max / setpoints
  • Google Maps Search Area
  • WooCommerce Support
  • Fields for selection, radio, and checkboxes
  • Hidden fields in which you can customize filter values ??for specific categories or custom fields.

Additional Features:

search is completely based on Ajax technology, so the search results will be shown automatically without exiting or reloading the site. At the same time, the ?Back? and ?Forward? buttons work independently of Ajax. Therefore, when visitors to your site click the ?Back? button, they will see the search results.

5. Ajax Search Pro WordPress search plugin

WordPress Search Plugins

This plugin provides directly Ajax search, very convenient for work. Search results are presented with images, so they look more attractive.

Also, this plugin works well with mobile devices on any platform.

It has the following categories:

  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Custom post types (WooCommerce products, bbPress forum, topics, answers ?)
  • Sections
  • BuddyPress users, groups and events.

The plugin has great customization options, so you won?t need to customize CSS. It offers many options for developers who like to customize everything.

This plugin is regularly updated and the developers claim that they respond to each request within 48, or even 12 hours.

Plugin Features:

  • Compatible with any theme.
  • Custom Logical Search
  • 60 skins
  • Quality Icons
  • Widgets, Shortcodes
  • Image support
  • Multi-site support
  • Keyword Highlighting
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Caching
  • Search statistics.

Also on the site, you can install a search from the search engines like Google. Ajax Search Pro words on the shortcode model, thus you have to integrate the code on the pages you desire to add the search bar.


Regardless of which WordPress search plugin you choose, you can significantly improve the performance of your site. A good search makes working with the site more convenient and allows users to save a lot of time.

If you have experience with WordPress search plugins or you know any special options for setting them to get the maximum effect, please share your comments in the comments.

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