Elementor Page Builder is a WordPress plugin that allows you to build a website and create pages in a visual editor with the same ease that is available to users of popular website designers.

Thanks to the plugin, beginners without coding skills create pages with a custom structure, significantly expanding the scope of possibilities. Let?s take a closer look at it.

Elementor Page Builder is a powerful and easy-to-use plugin that turns a WordPress site into a convenient designer with a visual editor that is great for creating pages for landing pages and multi-page business websites. If you want to use WordPress resources to the maximum, but do not dare because of the lack of web design experience or coding skills, this plugin will be a godsend for you. The Elementor plugin is primarily targeted at beginners.

WordPress in conjunction with Elementor PRO is suitable for entrepreneurs selling any goods and services. Photographer, furniture workshop, service station, law firm, designer, construction company, etc. ? the niches of use are the same as we usually indicate in reviews of popular designers with a visual editor. You will get a much more docile CMS in handling with all the ensuing benefits.

Elementor Page Builder: Functionality

The Elementor Page Builder can be downloaded for free from the official site, then you need to install it through the admin panel of your site on WordPress. It is also available in the plugin catalog built into the Control Panel. It is enough to enter the name in the search, start the installation, and then activate it in the list of installed plugins. After that, you will get the opportunity to collect pages in it, choosing the option ?Edit in Elementor? when adding a new one.

The functionality of the plugin applies only to the creation/editing of pages, and everything else will happen according to the standard script for WordPress: the formation of the menu structure, template design, work with other plugins, SEO, comments, statistics and more.?The main advantage of using it is that bypassing coding you can collect pages of the desired structure and design.

Download Elementor Plugin for Free

Elementor Page Builder capabilities consist of a set of widgets, as well as editing content inside them, design settings for sections and pages in general. The approach is simple: build the necessary structure from widgets, adding them one by one to the page, and then add content and edit the design. The logic is the same as in the designers, it will be understandable for beginners.

Let?s start with widgets.?There are quite a few of them: the inner section, the title, the image with and without text, the video, the text editor, the button, the separator, the spacing, Google maps, the regular and text icons, rating, carousel, the main gallery, the list with icons, the counter, the progress, recall, tabs, accordion, spoiler, social bar, warning, shortcode, SoundCloud player, HTML-code, menu anchor, sidebar, read more.?Gutenberg standard editor widgets are also available right there.?You can combine them in any combination.

Best WordPress Theme Tools: Elementor Page Builder With Base Theme

It is worth noting that the PRO version of the Elementor Page Builder contains an even greater number of available widgets. In addition to them, there is an extensive library of ready-made blocks, which are sorted by category: header, footer, portfolio, services, post, product, description, statistics, team, reviews, and others. A total of several hundred block templates. You can switch to the preview mode for any of them, and then place it on the page in the desired position and configure it. Layouts of whole pages are also available in the PRO version, there are a lot of them, all with an adaptive design, they look modern and will help to solve a huge number of tasks.

The editor works as follows: click on the red plus sign in the workspace and select the structure from the desired number of columns, and then drag the desired widget into each of them.?The sizes of cells and elements can be arbitrarily changed by moving the border sliders.?Each section has precise settings for width/height, alignment, the ability to add HTML tags, and more.?The same settings are available for individual columns.?As a result, you can infinitely deeply customize the design and structure of pages created in Elementor Page Builder.

Editing a site in the Elementor constructor

Using Elementor Page Builder, you can create, for example, a header or footer, and then choose which pages and sections of the site to display them on. That is, it is not necessary to draw up entire pages ? you can collect parts of them, and then indicate where to use them. The variety of scenarios for using the plug-in features is very large, you can create with it, regardless of the main theme chosen, its features and settings. And all this without coding.

WordPress is a blog engine above all. In Elementor Page Builder, you can create your own post templates in exactly the same way as other page types. Headings, images, previews, fonts, colors ? you can completely redraw the feed of blog news, if necessary.

Thus, Elementor Page Builder is a page builder with impressive features.?You can use it to design whole pages and any individual parts of the site.?It is suitable for everything: blogs, business cards, landing pages, portfolios and, what is extremely important, compatible with the best?WooCommerce store plugin, that is, it can be used to build the structure and design of trading floors.

Elementor Plugin Overview and Configuration

Elementor Page Builder: Design and Work with Templates

The Elementor Page Builder has many ready-made templates for individual blocks and entire pages. All this can be selected by clicking on the ?Add Template? icon next to the red plus sign to add sections in the editor. Adaptive Mode is activated in one click. There are a lot of page templates, they are about the same in quality as in the best designers ? diverse, modern, and attractive. Before choosing, you can use the full-screen preview mode.

Each section and template has style settings: background, fonts, borders, effects, and more.?You can add your own CSS styles, as well as various HTML tags.?By combining design approaches, you can create a huge number of diverse, beautiful layouts for any tasks, and then use them for everything on the site: product displays, a blog, static pages and other sections of the project.?The utility level is limited only by the skill and imagination of the developer.

All In One Widget | Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress ...

The principles of operation are the same as that of other visual editors: add any sections, elements, then click on what you want to change, and the available options appear.?There are global settings for fonts, indents, width, and adaptability of layouts, which will act by default for all pages created using Elementor.?You can also adjust the background color and lightbox buttons for images.

10 Best Free & Pro Elementor Templates Resources

In terms of design customization options, the plugin is frankly good. Having mastered it, you can create sites that are infinitely diverse from a visual point of view for any task. There are many ready-made high-quality building materials and flexible settings for their adjustment.

Elementor Page Builder: Optimization and Promotion

Elementor Page Builder plugin does not directly affect page promotion and does not contain SEO settings.?But with it, you can create beautiful containers for content (individual sections, templates, and entire pages), which greatly affects the ranking of the site.

How to Create a Responsive WordPress Site With Elementor | Elementor

For search engine optimization, WordPress sites use built-in general settings and separate specialized plugins like Yoast SEO or All In One SEO Pack. With their help, you can effectively manage metadata, CNC, and meta tags for all pages of the site.

What is important, Elementor Page Builder generates good quality code, the pages are responsive, which also has a positive effect on ranking, subject to the general rules of competent SEO optimization. The layouts formed with its help work quickly with good hosting and do not interfere with the promotion process.

Elementor Page Builder: Pricing

In the basic version, Elementor Page Builder is free, it can be freely downloaded and installed.?What is important, there will be no notes of using the plugin anywhere, which is usually the case with free versions of constructors.?The paid PRO version significantly expands the list of available elements, gives access to global widgets, many high-quality page templates, add-ons (including the version compatible with?WooCommerce), and some other features.

How to build multilingual sites with Elementor and WPML

The paid version icludes a number of features and special access to the template library. It includes 3 plans:

  1. Personal ($ 49 / year) ? 1 site, additional 50+ widgets, 300+ templates, WooCommerce Builder, Popup Builder, updates, and technical support for 1 year.
  2. Plus ($ 99 / year) ? 3 sites and everything else.
  3. Expert ($ 199 / year) ? 1,000 sites.
Download Free WordPress Templates With Elementor's Library

In the Pro version of Elementor Page Builder, the same set of features at the same prices, only the number of sites in which they can be used differs. Wholesale prices ? the more sites in the package, the cheaper they are. Payment can be made by credit card or through PayPal. Within 30 days, you can return the money for the purchased plug-in if the expectations were not met.

Do not forget that WordPress requires?fast hosting?like?Siteground?($3.95/month)- officially recommended hosting. You can find?some best offers on SiteGround here.

Best Hosting for WordPress + Elementor

Elementor Page Builder: Advantages and Disadvantages

Elementor PRO is a powerful and high-quality plugin, the capabilities of which are deeply integrated into WP, and can have a significant impact on the quality and efficiency of work in this CMS.?We attribute to its advantages:

Cost (pricing) Elementor PRO
  • The presence of a free version, which is enough to familiarize yourself with the possibilities;
  • Positive feedback and a very high rating in the WP store, which indicates the quality of the plugin;
  • A lot of training videos, an active community, open-source;
  • Huge opportunities for customizing the structure and design of pages;
  • Compatible with WooCommerce;
  • Compatible with Gutenberg;
  • A lot of subtle settings;
  • You can set the terms of use for the created templates ? where and how to show them;
  • Saving the history of changes, which makes it easy to undo them by selecting the ones you need from the list;
  • Universality of application: allows you to design almost all types of pages, including a store, landing page and blog;
  • Many ready-made blocks and page templates;
  • Ease of use for beginners;
  • Produces clean code;
  • Availability of advanced features for experienced developers;
  • Support and the availability of a large number of useful additions;
  • Often updated, overgrown with new features;
  • After the license expires, all layouts on the site will remain in their places.

Perhaps Elementor Page Builder is the best plugin of its kind, far superior to the same Gutenberg. It significantly simplifies the design of the site. With such a range of possibilities, it is difficult to single out the shortcomings, but nevertheless they are:

  • There is no trial professional version of the plugin;
  • Subscription usage model, cannot be bought forever;
  • Without buying, the PRO version is weak but suitable for the test;
  • It creates a fairly large number of queries in the database, that is, it requires good hosting for productive work.

In total, Elementor is a successful, continuously evolving product with good support. It does not have any noticeable functional disadvantages within its class.

Elementor Page Builder: Alternatives and Competitors

Elementor is a good way to turn WordPress into a website builder, avoiding the need for coding when creating custom pages. Increases productivity, making the engine more convenient for beginners and more. 

Best Elementor Plugin Alternatives

uKit is a website builder for beginners and client project developers. It has a convenient visual editor, easier to use than Elementor. It allows you to create company sites, portfolios, landings, and stores. He is good friends with SEO, contains a solid set of thematic adaptive templates. At a cost cheaper in the basic configuration and taking into account discounts. It works quickly, is frequently updated, and has good technical support.

Wix is a popular service with an excellent visual editor, a voluminous collection of widgets, and applications in the integrated store. It allows you to create beautiful sites, like creative people. Business cards, landings, portfolios, shops of conventional and digital goods, services, small blogs, and forums ? creating all this in his competence. The set of ready-made templates is diverse and numerous, constantly updated with new copies.

uCoz is a powerful system for creating serious sites. Good at blogging, shopping, and forums. It has a visual editor, but coding knowledge is desirable for effective use. Suitable for creating sites for monetization. The range of templates is decent, there are many high-quality and inexpensive premium options. Effective in terms of working with SEO and user groups.

Designers definitely win the Elementor Page Builder+ WP bundle by giving everything they need out of the box (hosting, templates, widgets for marketing and SEO, domain). In the case of CMS, you will have more trouble and probably costs. How much it?s worth it is up to you. When choosing, proceed from the task at hand. If the functionality of the designer covers it, it is better to select it. If you need something like that, then use WP with the necessary set of plugins, including Elementor, it will simplify the work.

Elementor Page Builder: Conclusions and Recommendations

Elementor Page Builder is simply the perfect page builder esp. with its PRO version, as evidenced by positive reviews and a high average rating with a large sample of respondents. This is the most popular plugin of its kind, and quite deservedly. It is definitely worth using if you are just getting acquainted with WordPress, at least in the basic version.

Should I buy a paid version of Elementor Page Builder? 

Yes, if you think it is suitable for your purposes. All the achievements will remain on the site after the end of the first year license, so do not worry ? the carriage will not turn into a pumpkin. But, as we see it, it is better to pay attention to online designers with full-fledged visual editors, like uKit, Wix, uLanding, Ucraft ? Website builders offer free sets of modern thematic templates, ready-made content blocks, widgets. With their help, collecting sites, landing pages, online stores is even easier than using Elementor. Hosting, the ability to buy a domain (or get it for free) is bundled with the designer. The cost of maintaining the site on the designer will be significantly lower than buying separately Elementor PRO + hosting for WordPress.

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