One of the best features of the “new Outlook” for Mac is a customizable toolbar. Instead of a static ribbon like the one in other Office apps on macOS, you can decide which buttons to show based on what you use the most.

If you are still contemplating switching to the new Outlook or have done so recently, we’ll show you how to customize the toolbar. This includes the main Outlook screen along with the email, calendar, and contacts sections.

How to Customize the Outlook Toolbar on Mac

For every point where you can customize the toolbar in Outlook on Mac, you will follow the same steps. The difference you will see is the options available for the toolbar at each point.

Click See more items (three dots) on the toolbar and choose Customize Toolbar.

In the window that opens, you will see the available buttons at the bottom and a darker gray area at the top which is the current toolbar.

Drag the buttons you want to use from the bottom to the top. For buttons that are currently on the toolbar that you don’t want to use, drag them from top to bottom.

If you have plugins installed, you will see them on the right. You can also drag them to the toolbar.

You can also rearrange the items on the toolbar. Select a button and drag it left or right to the location you want.

At the bottom of the toolbar customization window, you’ll see some additional options.

  • Reset the toolbar: Returns the toolbar to the default settings.
  • Manage add-ons: Open the add-ons screen to manage current add-ons or search for more.
  • Button labels: Choose to always show labels, show them when space permits, or hide labels.

When you’re done arranging your toolbar the way you want, click Done on the bottom.

How to Customize the Outlook Mailbox Toolbar on Mac

The Outlook mailbox and folders toolbar has the most actions available. You have more than 30 options. Take into account what you do most in your mailbox or in a folder with a selected message. If you regularly use pinning, replying or forwarding, or snoozing emails, save space for those types of items by removing buttons you never use.

How to Customize the Outlook Email Toolbar on Mac

Along with the Outlook mailbox toolbar, you have a different toolbar when you reply, forward, or create a new message. And if you put the email in a separate window by clicking the arrow at the top right of the message, that window has a matching toolbar.

So you can customize each of these areas to use the actions that are most important to you.

Customize the Calendar Event Bar

While Calendar in the new Outlook on Mac doesn’t have a toolbar at the top, events do. To create a new event or open one on your calendar, you will see your customizable toolbar at the top.

This allows you to display buttons for things like the Scheduling Wizard or the Wizard Options for new events. Or you can include your Status or Category for existing events.

Customize the contact bar in Outlook

Another section that is practical to have the actions you need is the Contacts area. You can customize the toolbar for the Contacts section, as well as when selecting a current contact or creating a new one.

This is convenient for contacts that you chat with regularly, host a meeting, or want to call.

Make your toolbar more useful in Outlook on Mac

Taking a few minutes to customize the Outlook toolbar on Mac can save you time in the long run. You will have the actions that you need the most and use right at the top.

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