Whether you’re creating a document in Microsoft Word or browsing the web in Microsoft Edge, Immersive Reader can enhance your reading experience. You may not realize it, but if you are filling out a form, survey, or questionnaire in Microsoft Forms, you can also use Immersive Reader there.

With the same types of tools as the other apps, you can hear questions read aloud, adjust text size and spacing, and change the focus of lines. You don’t have to struggle to work your way through every question; enable Immersive Reader in Microsoft Forms for additional help completing the form.

Activate Immersive Reader in Microsoft Forms

Once you activate Immersive Reader for the form you are viewing, you can use it for any or all of the questions. This gives you excellent flexibility to use the tool only when you need it or for the entire form.

In the upper section of the form, below the title and description, you will see three dots on the right side. Click on the three points and select Activate Immersive Reader.

After activating the tool, it remains activated for the entire form. To deactivate it, click the three points and select Disable Immersive Reader.

How to Use Immersive Reader in Microsoft Forms

With the tool activated, you will now see an Immersive Reader icon when you hover over a question. This is convenient because you can use the tool for any questions you want.

Click the icon Immersive Reader to use the tool for that particular question.

Next, you will enter Immersive Reader mode. If you have already used the tool on the web, the options will be familiar to you. If you are using Immersive Reader for the first time, here are the options.

Read out loud

Click the play button at the bottom to hear the question and possible answers (if applicable) read aloud.

Click the icon Voice settings, located to the right of the play button, to adjust the speech rate and make a voice selection.

Text Preferences

Click the icon Text Preferencesat the top right to change the size and style of the text, increase the spacing, and select a background color.

Grammar options

Click the icon Grammar options in the upper right to show the syllables of words and highlight parts of speech. Optionally, you can select the colors for each part of the speech and display the labels.

Reading preferences

Click the icon Reading preferences at the top right to activate Line Focus and choose the number of lines. You can also activate the Picture Dictionary and translate the text.

Actions on screen

You can click on any word to hear it out loud.

If you activate the picture dictionary in reading preferences, you will see an image for the word you select.

To enter full screen mode, click the arrow in the upper right.

Answer the questions on the form

At this time, you cannot provide your answers in Immersive Reader mode. When you reach the end of the question and possible solutions (if applicable), click the arrow for Departure located in the upper left. This will take you back to the original view of the form so that you can give your answer.

A better experience when filling out Microsoft forms

Immersive Reader helps those who need it when filling out a form, survey or questionnaire. But the tool can be beneficial for anyone wanting a better or more focused reading experience.

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